Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, 01/24/2022 6:00

Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Carolyn Solseth, Sue Haws, Debbie Morton, Larry Baker

Absent – Jennifer Bowers, Ray Linebaugh, Marc Baluch
Guests – Martie LaCasse

Approval of Minutes: December 20, 2021 – Sue motion to accept the minutes, Second – Larry, all in favor, motion passed

Administrative – Lloyd Harwood Resignation Jan 19th, 2022
Ron read Lloyd’s letter to the board. Harwood Funeral Home will support Arsenic and Old Lace.
Ron declared a vacancy – open to letters of interest.
Martie LaCasse would like to submit a letter of interest.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn handed out financial reports for 12/31/2021.
Carolyn passed out a concession sales analysis. It includes inventory, licenses, and insurance pro-rated per event. We make approximately 40% profit on concession sales.
Carolyn passed out a projected cash flow thru April, included estimated proceeds from Honey Do, Fools, and Frady Catz.
We discussed the rate increases for heat.
We discussed budget sheets for upcoming performances.
Based on Carolyn’s analysis, we will run out of money late April/early May.

Grants – Martie

OEDIC grant was submitted Saturday. It took a week to get pre-app approval. This grant will only fund 50% of a project, and half needs to be a match from the applicant. Total of project is 9M cost, which are the costs set by the contractor and the people working in the hotels based on our Vision list and walk-thru. Most of that work on the hotel is done and paid for. The grant would be 4.5M. The Rialto cost is 1. They will be working on the Rialto almost as quickly as they are working on the hotels. Within 8mo of getting funding they will have completed the Rialto. Martie has info about the grant on a thumb drive that she will email us. Our matching part is totally paid for by the tax credits. We would sell the tax credits, that cash goes to our half of the Rialto rehab. The state issues a tax credit certificate and we can sell that. The hotel has a specialist who can arrange the sale. For the federal credit we need to sign a 5yr “partnership” with the people who are buying the tax credit. Martie will see if she can get a copy of this “partnership” agreement.
Carolyn wanted to know who would control the look of the renovations, including paint and layout. Martie believes we will in conjunction with the contractor and historic architect.
Martie is concerned that our application was submitted late and a lot of grant money was already distributed. Martie is going to start working on a grant for Gates Family Foundation as a back-up for OEDIC.
OEDIC are meeting on the grant on Wednesday or Thursday.

General Discussion Items and action as needed


February 11 “Honey Do” Valentine’s Day Friday Concert – update
This event was planned and scheduled fairly quickly and by group text message.
Marc contacted Bill Emery to see about a future date for a concert and Bill had a cancellation for Feb 11, so Marc jumped on it.
Marc was talking to Levi, the owner of Honey Do, at the last 1/7 event to see if he would sponsor the concert. Levi agreed to the sponsorship.
Ron approached Brandon Angel of Team Angel as an additional sponsor.
Carolyn asked if we could streamline the process, and feelings shouldn’t be hurt if a board member asks questions.
We discussed using a local bakery for desserts but want a simpler process for this first concert.
Carolyn ordered 100 chair covers.
We scheduled a work day on Saturday Feb 5th at 10am to reset the tables/chairs and decorate.
Martie has tablecloths and runners that we can borrow. Sue will do centerpieces.
There is no rider for food for the band, just $300 performance fee.

February 18,19,20,25,26,27- “Fools” – Jennifer
Carolyn passed out budget, she thinks estimates for attendance are high. She used these estimates for her cash flow projections.
We discussed having a 50/50 split of gross admissions versus 50/50 split of net proceeds (subtract license and script fees from admission before split).
We scheduled a work date Sat 12th at 10am to set chairs for the performance.

We discussed alternate performances instead of “Clue” for April timeframe. Ron is concerned with the royalties and set costs. Deb would sponsor Exit Laughing.

March 4 – Red Curtain Concert – Frady Catz
Event Proposal and Budget – Ron presented a minimal budget for this show. No cost for band, $5 admission, estimated $500 admission, plus concessions.
We discussed whether we should reset to tables/chairs or leave theater-style setup. We agreed to reset to table/chairs.
We scheduled a work day March 4th at 10am – use our tablecloths, no chair covers.
Deb will make flyers for Frady Catz.

April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16 – Witness and the Judge –
This has been moved to December, date TBD.

April 22 – Four Square Community Sing – Sue –
Flat $200 rental fee, we can sell concessions but not alcohol.

April 30 – Front Range Big Band – Ron
This is still on. We are reducing the cost by providing pizza from Dominoes in Green Room.
We need to advertise and market better than we did for their previous performance.
We will charge $10 admission. The band gets 5% of the gate + $100 travel + pizza from Dominoes.

Mid May Golf Tournament – Marc –
Marc wasn’t at the meeting to discuss this.

May – FJHS Band Fundraiser – Jen
It is still on, no date yet set, seating for 200 using long tables.

Fremont County Has Talent 2022 – Sue
June 11, 2022. One night only.

Mid June – Clue or Exit Laughing

Summer Children’s Theater Camp – June/July

Arsenic and Old Lace – October

New Business

Insurance Review Committee Update – Ron
Ron sent letters to KC Patterson, Jenny Crestelli – Farmers Insurance – Florence, Benjamin Mitchell – Allstate, and Matt Webb – Matt Webb Insurance Agency Pueblo.
Deb mentioned that there was a link on the LHAT site to get a quote from their insurance provider. Ron will check it out.

Ron was approached by Gary McWilliams (Oak Creek Bar & Grill), who wanted to rent the Marquee for his daughter’s birthday. Ron agreed to $25 for 1 day rental, and also received a $50 donation.
The board agreed that $25/day or $50 for 3 days would be a good rate.

Ron proposed a by-law committee so we can change them at our annual meeting in March. Martie will join Ron, Sue was interested. Changes to by-laws have to be submitted to Secretary of State.
3rd week in March is annual meeting. Carolyn will research process to amend by-laws.
The current By-Laws are on the Rialto shared drive. Deb will email to Sue.

SoCoSS Pageant – Ron – Veronica is looking at late summer. We will add $250 damage deposit to contract.

Side Emergency Exit Door – Larry is working on it. He broke 3 bits drilling the metal, but it is sealing quite nicely. Larry paid for the repairs. $225 repair bill.

Archive Assist – Ron – The Burlesons were the last to submit anything to the Florence Archives. We should sign a new agreement. Martie LaCasse may take the lead in that. Sue may help.

Community Relations Liaison – Ron suggested we find a non-board member to attend community meetings, town meetings, merchant meetings, and report to BOD.
Martie will attend meeting of non-profits at Bell Tower tomorrow 1/25.

Rodent Control Concessions – Ron – we need to put popcorn in sealed containers in the fridge

Honorary Board Member – Ron
This was tabled until the full board is present – Ron proposes Jerry Robinson as the first Honorary Board Member.

Trash – Florence will no longer provide service. Ron has contacted 2 vendors who have provided similar costs. $17/mo for 2 totes. Ron will get more info.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – February 15, 2021 – 6pm (Tuesday)

Meeting Adjourned – 8:30 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary