Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, February 28,2022 – 6:05
Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn Solseth, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Marc Baluch, Ray Linebaugh

Absent – Marti LaCasse, Larry Baker
Guests – Levi Pollard, Haley Atkinson
Approval of Minutes: Jan 15, 2022 – Jen motion to accept the minutes, Second – Sue, all in favor, motion passed

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Recap of Fools:
Ticket sales: total 591 tickets sold, $7,422 total gate.
Matinee: 146 tickets for 2/27, 121 for 2/20.
Opening night was 41 tickets.
Concessions $1,349.
Total take for Rialto is about $4,323.
Harvest Players will get $3,784.
Highest concession days were both Saturdays.
We can use this info for planning future shows.
Facebook posts were boosted for advertising, this may have helped 2nd weekend of performances.

Fremont County ARPA
Ron/Carolyn submitted a request to Fremont County ARPA for lost revenue due to Covid.
We Had to produce P&L statements for 3 years (thanks Carolyn).

Grants – Martie

Status OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant – this grant was denied, there wasn’t enough money.
Martie is in contact with Byron and they are on the lookout for follow-on money.
Martie returns March 3.

General Discussion Items and Action as Necessary –

Guest Levi Pollard – proposal
Fremont First Facebook group is a group of businesses that do free marketing and promoting for other businesses in Fremont County. They just got done with Elf on the Shelf, 60 businesses and 300 people participated. This was a big scavenger hunt. Next promotion is Nomadic Adventure. They want to make it bigger and better, so want to do a business kick-off event before it goes live on Easter Weekend. They want a meet-and-greet event. Levi would like to have this at the Rialto. We would have a gnome in the window. Fremont First is a volunteer organization, they don’t have a budget or bank account. Levi would like to have this 2hr meet-up at the Rialto. There might be 100 people but 60-80 is more likely. We could have this in the middle of the week if our weekends are booked. We would provide alcohol sales. Levi would provide food, plates, and plasticware. We would need table and chairs set-up, as well as a “buffet line” for the food. Levi would like to try for Thursday April 7th 6-8pm. This would be Fremont County businesses only. Levi helps businesses file for ERC (Employee Retention Credit). Levi would give a small presentation for ERC, and 10 minute talk for gnomes/elves program. We could give a short presentation on the Rialto amenities. Ron pointed out that we do have a nightly rental fee. Levi suggested a donation box instead of charging admission or a rental fee.
Levi left at this point.
Ray made a motion to take concessions and a donation box instead of nightly rental fee. Marc 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.
We discussed having this on April 8th. Levi contacted us shortly after the meeting and requested April 7th at 6pm.


February 18,19,20,25,26,27- “Fools” – Recap
We had financial recap. We got a note from Kathy Herrin with her thoughts.
Financials were covered by Carolyn as part of her report.

March 4 – Red Curtain Concert – Frady Catz
Friday, March 4, 10a – Work date to reset auditorium round tables, we will provide pizza.
Ray thinks a priority needs to be “friends of the rialto” to help with the volunteer work. If we are going to do auditions we plug and promote, we need to do the same thing to recruit volunteers like we would if we are doing auditions. Marc suggested we need a friendly vibe and pizza was provided for the first volunteer day after covid.
Event Volunteer assignments: Marc & Missi will be in concessions, Sue, Jane Ann, Martie LaCasse, and Fran Black are available for concessions or box office as needed.
Jen can’t be here to run lights due to Kitchen Witches rehearsal.

As an aside, Marc asked about having a Celebrity Karaoke including Canon City Mayor Ashley Smith, Florence Mayor, Police Chiefs, Fire Chief, with buckets to hold money/votes.

Fremont County Has Talent – Sue
Sue will work on budget sheet. She has some sponsor commitments. KRLN radio station has the PSA info for auditions.
Flyers are at the library and in newspaper for auditions March 5th & 12th. Sue has been in contact with the band and music directors in schools.
She is trying to get the “Tiger Ladies” for the show. Sue is looking for variety. Ray will check with Salida Circus performers to see if they would be interested (unpaid).
Deb brought up the possibility of having the show for 2 performances but Sue wants to concentrate on one-night only.
We will charge $15/12 for admission. The show will be on April 23, 2022 at 7pm.

Haley Atkinson left at this point.

April 30 – Front Range Big Band – Ron
Contract and Event Proposal/Budget – will be submitted 3/14 meeting
We need to promote them better this time.
We plan to promote as “Spring Fling”, come in 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s costumes.
FRBB will receive $100 gas allowance, up to $100 pizza for band, plus 5% of the gate.
Can we get Quincy’s to give a dinner as a prize for costumes? Or some other restaurant to offer prizes.
Carolyn was at the Rotary meeting, Two Sister’s asked about doing a partnership where they give percent off when a customer shows a ticket.
Ron pointed out that Papa’s Pizza had a similar offer in the “Fools” program.
A discussion was held about sponsorship ads in programs vs printing coupons on the back of tickets.

Mid May Golf Tournament – Marc
Nothing new.

May – FJHS Band Fundraiser – Jennifer
May 7th, they will sell tickets for 150-200 people, they will work on getting extra tables, they want to know if they need additional chairs (Ron will inventory).
They will advertise. Rialto will not sell concessions. They will need kitchen space for serving and hand-washing.
They will pay $450 rental fee. We will need minimal BOD people here. We will have an afternoon setup, with an evening dinner.
Jen motion for May 7th, with $450 rental fee, Marc 2nd , all in favor, motion passed.
It was suggested that we get more chair covers. 100 covers are $200. No decision was made at this time about additional chair covers.

Last 2 weekends of May – Clue (May 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29)
Kathy Herrin will direct, Jen will act and be stage director. The scripts and royalties are $152. This will require a minimum of 10 actors.
Marc was asking about what costs are involved. We don’t have a budget sheet yet but need to purchase license soon to get started.
Jen will provide a budget sheet after we’ve purchased the license. We can get a refund of license fees if we don’t actually perform the play.
Marc made a motion to pay the $1525 royalty fee, Deb 2nd motion. All in favor, motion passed.

June 25/26 – Four Square Community Sing
Moved it to July 4th weekend (Friday before).

Summer Children’s Theater Camp – June/July
Jen is working on it, she may have high-schoolers run the camp along with parental supervision. This would be the Capstone project for the High School students.

Arsenic and Old Lace – October
$1108 rights, royalties and scripts. Jen will have budget before she leaves. Who will direct this?

Witness and the Judge
First 2 weekends in December. Ray will have to rewrite it for this (smaller) stage at the Rialto. This may conflict with Arsenic and Old Lace for actors and director.

Haunted Java – Update
This is a play about the Rialto written by Paul Donovan. Marc & Ron wanted to talk to Lynn & Paul about any reluctance they have about performing this at the Rialto.

Project Updates

Green Room
Hot water heater – We were going to get one donated, but that isn’t going to happen now. We can wait on that.
We need a black curtain for the green room for dressing. A shower curtain would work or bedsheet. 4 shower curtains would do it. It was suggested that we check out dollar store.

Old Business Items

Breck Film Festival Proposal – Fall
Last Ron talked to Steve Kurtz, he is still interested in having a film festival at the Rialto.
He could provide some of the equipment, projector.
We may have a donated screen, like what you have set up in your backyard, Sue will check.
The film festival went to Salida 4 or 5 years ago. Ron tried to contact someone from Salida for their perspective on the festival.
Marc wants us to consider a film festival with local filmmakers.

Insurance Review Committee Update
We have a quote from Kevin Sullivan and the LHAT people.
We are horribly under-insured. He recommended 2 or 3x what we are currently insured.
Our current policy doesn’t cover “historic” restoration, but “functional” restoration.
The LHAT proposal included volunteer coverage.
The premium is about $7900. Last year’s was close to 4k. Deb believes that we will have to go with the higher cost because we need to be fully insured.

Bylaws Committee – Ron
If we are making changes, we should do that at the next meeting.
Carolyn suggested we change the bylaws at the annual meeting to allow us to change the bylaws at any future meeting, not just annual meetings.

SOCOSS Pageant – Ron Late Summer
Still no word from Veronica as to exact date. She was appreciative of the photo of the marquee with her event.

Rescue Runway Update
The Rialto is still first on the list of venues for 2023. They will not do the event in 2022. Marc suggested having a dog show that wasn’t as formal.

Archive Assist – Tabled – Ron
Tabled until Martie and Fran Black return

Community Relations Liaison – Tabled – Ron
Tabled until Martie and Fran Black return

Honorary Board Member – Jerry Robinson
No update – Ron

Storyteller Expose – Larry
Fall 2022, they are considering Bell Tower
Jen handed out a card with info.

When Marc was in HS, they used to do Theater Games, they were fun to watch.
(Whose Line Is It Anyway)
Marc suggested this might be a fun thing to do at the Rialto.

New Business Items

Slate of Officer Discussion
Annual Meeting 3rd week March 14th. We will have a regular meeting followed by the annual meeting.
Treasurer – Carolyn
Secretary – Debbie
President – Ron doesn’t want to be president again, he suggested Carolyn should do it. Carolyn will think about this.
Vice President – Marc would consider doing this as long as Carolyn is President and promises not to leave.

Marc suggested Charlotte Henager as a future Board member when Jen leaves. Haley could take over chair of production committee.
Marc suggested we need to revitalize the Red Brick Players as a Rialto-only production group.
Jen suggested Aiden and Emma Schmidt as Junior Board Members. They are also doing capstone.
Marc thinks they should be part of the Red Brick Players.
Carolyn says they should come to a BOD meeting and be a guest.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – March 14 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:40 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary