MARCH 2, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Ron Hinkle at 8:00 a.m. Board members present were Todd Williams, Ken Trusty, Steve Steele, Donna Murphy, Larry Baker, Kathy Seidling, RC Wilkins, and Marty Burleson. Guests were Beryl Baker, Lindsay Hinkle, and Rich Burleson.

The minutes of the February 16, 2018 Board meeting were unanimously approved upon the motion of Larry, seconded by Steve.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted upon the motion of Marty, seconded by Todd.

President’s Remarks
The past two weekends provided an invaluable learning experience regarding serving drinks in plastic, ADA regulations and ID checks and wrist bands. They will all be discussed later on the agenda. Ron also wants to address internal board discussions to praise in public and criticize in private. “Exit Laughing” was a huge success as one of the best community theater productions in Southern Colorado in recent years. Community reception was excellent and well received.


No new updates on the Valedictorian and the Sorcerer play.

Fundraising Committee

Special Event Liquor License permit dates were incorrect. Ron coordinated with Mayor Ore and the dates were corrected by pen/ink changes. Ron asked Todd to institute a 100% ID check on the second weekend of the performance. It is easier to check at the door rather than at the concession area while requesting the beverage. A discussion was held on the necessity of checking everyone. A policy will be implemented at the Annual Meeting as well as the ADA policy for service animals.

The auditions for the “Fremont County Has Talent” — A Variety Show will be held this evening and tomorrow. 30 acts are desired. Depending on the number of acts it may be one or two nights — April 27 and 28.

Frog Dawg Productions, LLC have signed a contract for 5 monthly productions. Deposit of $1,250 has been received. Frog Dawg does not have a performance contract signed for the first date in April. The contract specifies musical concerts.

“God’s Favorite” is the play to be presented by the Rialto Players in June. A discussion was held on what could be used to cover the bricks on the back wall of the stage. Steve will check with Bob Amon regarding the use of muslin to cover the back.

We received a counter proposal from Barna regarding the Junktique committee request for the use of the Rialto Theater on the last weekend of September. FACT returned the original proposal to them.

Rialto Players

“Edgar Allen Poe — Reader’s Theatre” — is planned for October.

“Little Women” — is planned for December. This production will require a larger costuming budget.

Admin Committee

Some high school students will be coming in between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. today to get community service credit hours for school.

Ron has initiated the permanent liquor license. A discussion was held regarding getting a “Arts License” which may be issued to any nonprofit arts organization that sponsors and presents productions or performances of an artistic or cultural nature. Ron will look at obtaining this type of license which would not be as expensive.

Lindsay has volunteered to be the bar manager. Upon the motion of Ken, seconded by Steve, Lindsay was unanimously appointed to be the bar manager. Policy on serving drinks in plastic or glass was discussed. Additional information and discussion regarding the renovation of the concession area will determine whether we will use plastic or glass. The board needs to decide if a three compartment sink and dishwasher will be installed. Todd has requested to not have his name on the liquor license. Larry volunteered to be on the license with Ron.

The annual meeting will be held on March 16, 2018. We will have a regular meeting. followed by the annual meeting. Time to be determined after polling the board.


The business plan will probably not be completed by the next meeting. Alexis needs additional documentation.

Nothing new on grant writing. Project priority and costs are needed to complete any grant requests. El Pomar and Newmont Mine grants need to be pursued.

Store front/ticket booth and entrance is in progress. Waiting for doors to arrive.

Community Relations/PR Committee

Marquee schedule – Private graduation party (if on contract), 12 Too Many Donation, Variety Show auditions, Frog Dawg Productions April concert and Variety Show dates.

Ron and Todd did a Power Point presentation to the 114 women with New Neighbors organization. They asked good questions and had a good discussion after the presentation. We have a volunteer for our website administrator. Debbie Morton. Todd is to get the login information she needs to Marty. Paula Svincek has agreed to send Debbie pictures and write ups about current events at the Rialto.


A parent has asked Marty if someone associated with the Rialto would volunteer to provide leadership for a Drama Club at Fremont Middle School. RC said he would check into this. It must be cleared by the school administration.

There being no further business to bring before the Board the meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Burleson, Secretary