Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, March 15, 2022 6:03pm
Roll Call –Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn Solseth, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Larry Baker, Marc Baluch, Marti LaCasse

Absent – Ray Linebaugh, Ron Hinkle
Guests –
Approval of Minutes: 2/28/2022 – Marc made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Sue, all in favor, motion passed

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn emailed financials out to the board prior to the meeting.
An updated concession report was handed out listing income and expenses for all shows for the fiscal year.
The cost of goods sold is down to 53%, the profit is 47% of sales.
Carolyn handed out a cash flow report.
Carolyn doesn’t have budgets for everything so we don’t have estimates for what we will have for the next few months.
We discussed the advertising budget and attendance figures for Spring Fling/FRBB. The ad budget may be high and the attendance estimates optimistic.
Ron sent a text stating that Levi would sponsor FRBB. Assurance Partners, renaming to Iron insurance, would like to sponsor the next music event.
We need to be realistic about budgets and attendance.
Marc discussed possibly getting a one-year advertising package for KRLN. This would be cheaper than buying individual ads. Marc will talk to their marketing person.

Grants – Martie

Status OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant
They ran out of money before they could consider our request. Byron had conversations with Sarah Harrison, who is project manager for that program. She is excited about our application and she’s hopeful there will be another round of funding before the end of the year. Byron and the architect will be coming down on Thursday. Martie will meet with Byron and Sarah tomorrow (3/15). The grant board “swooned” over the Rialto portion of the proposal. It was suggested that we break our portion out separately.

Gates Family Foundation
Martie has applied for a Gates Foundation grant of 400k. Gates will only fund 70% of a project.
Martie reworked the numbers and came up with 700k for the things we absolutely can’t do without.
Martie thinks we can get our 30% share from the tax credits. She will talk to Byron & Sarah about tax credits.

Marc suggested we apply for smaller, specific grants to cover items like A/V or lights.

We discussed the sound system donated by Charlette Henager. It may be too big for our theater.
Marc suggested we set a decibel cap for bands because we had some complaints about the volume at the last musical event.

Fremont County ARPA COVID Grant Application – $30,000 Loss of Revenue
Fremont County Grant Manager – Rialto application still in review; decision and notification
by the end of the month (March.)

General Discussion Items and action as necessary


Gnomadic Adventure – April 7, 6pm
Contract – we need to get a contract to Levi
Is this a Rialto event or a Fremont First event?
A discussion was held about the need for special event insurance. We agreed that this is a Rialto co-sponsored event so our insurance should cover the attendees.
Sue will get us a gnome for our window. Deb will get us a t-shirt from our online store.

Fremont County Has Talent – Sue
This was rescheduled for April 29 due to a music competition happening the weekend of April 23 that would make it impossible for 6 of Sue’s acts to perform.
2 sponsors are committed. Sue would like $500 for advertising and would need $150 to tune the piano.
Sue questioned the sponsorship amounts for a one-line personal message, she thought it used to be $10 for a personal message, it is now $25. A discussion was held about pricing for personal messages in the program and it was agreed that we should charge $25.
Carolyn looked at the sponsor price list that is in the lobby and stated that we didn’t charge anything near those amount for Fools sponsorships.
Jen suggested we need to review the sponsorship list and have different amounts based on the number of shows.
Sue still needs to provide an Event Proposal and Budget.

April 30 – Front Range Big Band “Spring Fling” – Ron
The Contract and Event Proposal/Budget have been submitted.
Ron included $250 each for advertising Canon City Daily Record and KRLN, and $50 budget for Facebook boost.
The budget includes $500 in sponsorship ($250 confirmed and additional $500 under consideration).
Jen asked where we get the most bang for our advertising buck: Facebook, shopper, or flyers. Older residents listen to KRLN so we should advertise there.
Jen doesn’t think we should do Canon City Daily Record. We should do KRLN but should investigate a yearly budget. Marc & Jen will try to meet with KRLN.
Martie uses KRCC radio for Historical Archives. You get stuff on their calendar. They are reasonable for advertising.
Rugl Mergleman has been working with non-profits to join together in advertising. They signed with Canon City Daily Record for a group ad.
We all agree we don’t need a $1500 advertising budget. $50 for FB ads, $50 for shopper, $50 for everything else.

Royal Gorge Chamber of Commerce
Jen got a call from Royal Gorge Chamber of Commerce, this used to be Canon City Chamber of Commerce.
It would be a $100 membership fee for the year. If we paid the fee now, it would only last until October, then it would need to be renewed again.
Marc asked “If we join can we have a business after-hours before October?”
Marc made a motion that we join the RGCC if we can host a business after-hours before October, Carolyn 2nd, all in favor, motion approved.

Larry left at this time.

Mid May Golf Tournament Update – Marc
This would be hosted by Canon Signature Mortgage – Sumo Golf Course – Florence
Dave Lambert would like to throw a ton of money at the Golf Tournament. Marc wondered if we’d be better off getting him to donate directly to us instead of sponsoring the tournament. It may be June or later for the tournament. It would be a daytime event and wouldn’t impact any Rialto events. Marc says they have games on the course and it’s a wild time. We could have characters run the games. Hole-in-one, could win an ATV, things like that. We could put the sheriff on the driving range and try to hit him with the balls. The board agreed that since this won’t require any Rialto space or time that he should proceed as he deems best.
Marc will be meeting with FoxNews21 tomorrow, they will do a segment for about $300. They give us the video and we can re-use it in any way we want.

May 7 – FJHS Band Fundraiser – Jennifer
Jen sent an email to Nelson, the rent would be $450, Jen will be drawing up a contract. They are in competition season so it may not be soon.
Damage/Clean up Deposit – Jen never mentioned this, Marc said we shouldn’t charge a deposit since it wasn’t mentioned before.
They will rent chairs if needed.
Special Event Insurance – This is not a Rialto event, we are renting the space, but the school should be able to get an insurance rider without cost.
Storage of stackable chairs – we will stack them along the wall, no need to cover. It is a safety concern to stack them in the lobby/hall.

May 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29 – Clue
Jen will be working on budget now that she has approval and time.

June 25/26 – Four Square Community Sing
Jen suggested since we’ve moved it so many times, we should just say “no” at this point. Sue agreed.

July 4 weekend
Jen tabled this because it is too far out at this point

Summer Children’s Theater Camp – June/July
Jen is still working on this. Bell Tower summer’s theater is an established event. Jen has 2 high-school students who would use this as their capstone project. We need an adult who can supervise.

Sip and Create initiative – Jennifer
Discussion was held about Jen’s suggestion for the Sip & Paint Event, and Ron’s contact with the Florence Community Center because they have a similar event.
A discussion was held about who we compete with and that it isn’t a good idea to go to our potential competitors and ask them if they would mind if we hold a similar event.
Martie suggested we take the drama out of this. We need to get ahead of our calendar so we aren’t scheduling last minute and have our calendar out there so others have to worry about conflicting with our events, not the other way around.

Arsenic and Old Lace – October – consider moving to August or September, September would be better
If Lloyd is going to pay for the sponsorship, it would be better to pay sooner so we can officially put it on our calendar and start advertising. We can’t advertise in any way until we have the Royalties and License.

Other Schedule Discussions
Ray would still like to do “Witness & The Judge” the first 2 weeks in December. Ray needs a curtain.
Ray is on FCT board and they are looking at their schedule as well.
We need to set our schedule in advance. Maybe we could get someone to pre-sponsor so we can get rights and add named plays to our schedules.
We had more discussion about getting a firm schedule, music twice per month, melodramas, plays every 60-90 days. Jen pointed out that musicals need 90 days.

Old/New Business

Breck Film Festival Proposal 41st annual – September –
Tabled until we get more info

Insurance Review Committee Update – Deb
Deb explained the insurance proposal submitted by Kevin Sullivan. The premium would be $7,613. The insurance would cover the building for “historic replacement” for 2.5 million, which is the value of the building. Our current insurance has the building valued too low according to Kevin and others. The insurance would also cover volunteers for the theater. We could do an EFT and pay in 12 equal payments without any extra fees or charges.
Deb made a motion that we accept the insurance proposal from Kevin Sullivan. Ray 2nd the motion, all in favor, motion passed.
We want to make sure our previous insurance doesn’t automatically review.

Suggested By Law changes/amendment for annual meeting (immediately after this meeting)
Marc made a motion that we add an amendment to the By-Laws:

“The board of directors may amend the bylaws at any time to add, change, or delete any provision with a two-thirds super majority of the board.”

Carolyn 2nd the motion, all in favor, motion passed.

SOCOSS Pageant – Ron Late Summer
Tabled until Ron returns with more info.

Cleaning Costs
A discussion was held about cleaning costs and ways we could minimize those costs for next year.

Archive Assist – Ron
Ron has suggested that Martie be assigned to liaise with Florence Archives and provide necessary flat documentation (fliers/playbills/programs/publicity/photos, etc.).
We haven’t provided any updates to them since the Burlesons left. Martie agreed to do this, she also told us that she resigned from the Florence Archives Board.
Marc suggested that Deb print all flyers that she has available.

Ray stated that he was contact by someone who has the original wooden boxes/crates that contained all the letters for the marquee (just the boxes, not letters). She would like to return those.

Community Relations Liaison – Ron
Ron has suggested that Fran Black be assigned as liaison with other Florence organizations to attend their meetings and keep them up-to-date on Rialto events and schedule.
Larry goes to these meetings but the board feels we need an official representative. Fran is a very up-beat person and she already attends these meetings.
Martie suggested that we draft her to be the “official” spokesperson for the Rialto.
Fran attends meetings for merchants, chamber, senior center, bell tower, archives, city council meetings, etc.
Martie made a motion that Fran serve as our Rialto Liaison, Marc 2nd the motion, all in favor motion passed.

A suggestion was made to create a community calendar. Deb will research.

Honorary Board Member – Jerry Robinson
No update, Ron was absent.

Additional Items Discussion
Milo Cress proposed a chair dolly solution – he could purchase 4 – 4 castor furniture dollies – On sale at Harbor Freight – $13 ea, plus 4 x 8 sheet of ¾” plywood ($65) cut into 4 – 2’ x 4’;
He would bolt/screw these pieces into the dollies. This will 2 stacks of chairs 4-8 stacking chairs for easy reset of auditorium.
Ron proposed that Milo be authorized to expend NTE $150 to be reimbursed on receipts.
Jen suggested we table that until we have more info. We would like to see a prototype.

Marc asked if we can never use text messaging again. Could we set up a Facebook group? Ray doesn’t have a Facebook account.
Deb suggested we could use the website and discussion software. Deb will research.

Jen is looking for someone with a van or truck to get Rialto props and sets back from her school. Ray has a trailer that is full. Marc has a box truck, he can help.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – March 28, 2022 – 6pm
Annual Board Meeting to Follow this meeting.
Meeting Adjourned – 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary