MARCH 23, 2018

The annual meeting was reconvened at 8:07 am. on March 23, 2018 by President Ron Hinkle. Board members present were Todd Williams, Donna Murphy, Kathy Seidling, Larry Baker, Steve Steele and Marty Burleson. Board members absent were Ken Trusty and RC Wilkins. Beryl Baker and Rich Burleson were guests.

The minutes of the regular meeting March 16, 2018 and the Annual meeting on March 16, 2018 were approved upon the motion of Donna and seconded by Todd Williams.

President’s Remarks

Ron remarked on all the board has accomplished since 2015. It has been a team effort and we look forward to the future when our goal will be reached.


The board reviewed Letters of Interest from two potential new board members, Rich Burleson and Kathy Madonna. Ron referred to the minutes of our September executive meeting. The executive board discussed that new members should volunteer for a certain number of hours over a period of time before becoming a member of the board. This would enable the board to get to know them. A motion was made at the regular board meeting that we adopt this as a best practice. It has not become a part of our by-laws.

A motion was made by Donna, seconded by Steve that this prior requirement be waived as both Rich and Kathy have volunteered many hours at the Rialto. Motion was unanimously approved. A motion was made by Donna and seconded by Todd Williams to add Rich and Kathy to our board. Both were unanimously approved.

Ron has been corresponding with the State DOR and the City of Florence City Clerk regarding our application for a Liquor License. Further correspondence will be with the new President. Ron stated that there are still some unanswered questions.


Ron recommended that the new president change the name of the Fundraising Committee to the Event Committee.

The First Frog Dawg Concert has been booked for April 14 with doors at 7 p.m. and concert from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. — The music is by “Aurora, The Borealis” and the genre is alternative rock. A Special Event License application has been turned into the City Hall. Ron has signed as president and Ken Trusty signed as Event Manager. Load in is at 12 noon and load out will be from noon to midnight. Todd will help with the set up and breakdown.

New leadership considerations: Marquee, Concession manning, Security, Supplies (bar and restrooms), ID checks — wrist bands, Under age/minor signs and Service Dog Notification signs, ticket booth open day of event, sales with cube, clean up and prep day.

Election of Officers

Kathy Seidling was elected as Treasurer and Marty was elected as secretary at the meeting on March 16, 2018. Todd has stepped down as Vice President but would like to continue with Community Relations and promotions.

Ron nominated Larry Baker to be Vice President, seconded by Marty and was unanimously elected to that position.

Donna nominated Rich Burleson to be President, seconded by Larry and was unanimously elected to that position.

New President Remarks
Rich thanked the Board for approving him as a new board member and electing him as president. Rich has enjoyed working with the Board and will continue to do whatever he can to see that the renovation is completed.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is April 6, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marty Burleson, Secretary