APRIL 20, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President, Rich Burleson. Board members present were RC Wilkins, Kathy Madonna, Todd Williams, Ron Hinkle, Steve Steele, Donna Murphy, Larry Baker, and Marty Burleson. Board members Kathy Seidling and Ken Trusty were absent. Guests were Lindsay and Noah Hinkle and Nancy Harvey.

Minutes of the April 6, 2018 meeting were approved upon the motion of RC, seconded by Todd Williams.


The Arts Liquor License application will be submitted next week.

Projects Committee — Larry, Steve, Ken

The concession room redesign is in progress.

Events Committee – Rich, Todd, RC, Ron

Auditions for the “Savannah Sipping Society” were held on April 9 and 10 and the cast has been selected.

The Board reviewed the April 14 concert by Frog Dawg Production. A very small attendance and the headliner band was not able to make the concert due to snowstorm. The Rialto made S344 on concessions plus our rental fees. Checking ID’s on one side did not work very well. At the next concert we will have ID checking and banding at both entrances. If possible we may check ID’s and wrist banding outside before concert goers enter the building.

On April 28 we will have the Fremont County has Talent. This is a Rialto Players project. There will be 18 official acts. Tech rehearsal will be held this coming week. Rialto Players will be responsible for ticket booth sales and will take tickets. The Board is responsible for the concessions. No liquor at this event. Volunteers for security are needed.

On May 5 the Rialto Players will be participating in the Canon City Blossom Parade. They will be handing out pencils and will have attached a schedule of upcoming events. The Rialto Players want to get a banner for the parade. Rich and Marty volunteered to purchase their banner.

May 12 will be the next concert with the ‘Six Million Dollar Band’. Todd will co-ordinate with the band for their set up and take down. KILO radio will be doing a pod cast at the Florence Brewery before the concert and also at the concert.

May 19 will be the Florence Museum Pancake Walk. RC and Larry have volunteered to be at the Rialto and to give tours.

May 20 is the Florence Car Show and the Rialto will be open for tours. Kathy M. and RC have volunteered to give tours during the car show.

June 9 will be another Frog Dawg Production event with Dennis Johnson and The Mississippi Ramblers. Todd will again co-ordinate with the band for set up and take down. Same needs for ID checks and wrist bands, and concessions as the previous Frog Dawg Productions.

“Savannah Sipping Society” will replace the play “Doublewide Texas”. Dates are June 22, 23, 24, 29, 30 and July 1. We will have a special event license for the Friday and Saturday shows. No alcohol will be served on Sundays.

Florence is having a 4th of July Parade again this year. The RC and the Rialto Players are going to plan a parade entry.

Two more Frog Dawg Productions are planned for July 14 (‘The Giving Tree Band’) and on August 4 another concert is planned. No band has been announced at this time.

August 30, September 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9 will the “Valedictorian and the Sorcerer, a Tom Bruno Play. It will require similar needs as the other events.

September 14 will be the Pioneer Day Royalty Crowning at the Rialto. The events committee will be looking for entertainment for that evening.

September 15 is Pioneer Day and the Pioneer Day Parade. The Rialto Players and RC are planning to enter the parade. No theme for Pioneer Day has been selected at this time.

Rialto Players are planning to present “Vintage Hitchcock” in October. It will be a readers’ theatre set in a 1940’s Radio Station. RC will be looking into possible royalties due to BMI and ASCAP.

December the Rialto Players will put on the play “Little Women”. Date are December 13, 22, 23, 28, 29, and 30.

Committees and Board Member assignments were reviewed. Steve has been added to the Grants committee with Marty.


The Board discussed what the next step is for the FACT business Plan that was requested by Jerry Robinson. The consensus of the Board was to call a meeting to discuss the next step in the process. Marty is going to request an electronic copy from Alexis Lee so that every board member will have a copy.

A June 6 Concert by Frog Dawg concert had been approved by a phone approval by the board.

Ron will look into NEEP to see if the Rialto could can qualify for some financial assistance on the heat and electric bills.

The three compartment sink has been sold for $400. Morrie Ayes had planned to take it to auction for us but it was sold while moving it out of the Rialto. The four compartment sink that Sid Dardin said we should have has been delivered.

A couple had inquired about helping with painting and making cushions for the theater. It was the consensus of the Board that it would be better to work toward getting our permanent seats. The Board felt that the painting on the ceiling and the upper part of the walls would be dangerous. RC will contact them and let them know of the Board’s decision. There may be other ways that they would like to volunteer.

Our website master has asked if the Board would like to have their pictures on the website The Board was not interested but thought bios of the Board members might be a good idea.

On May 12 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. there will be an Armed Forces Art — Quilt presentation at the Rialto honoring veterans.

A new cash register was discussed for the concession area. It will help in getting accurate records on what we sell which will be important when we get our permanent liquor license. Larry made a motion, seconded by Kathy M. that we purchase the cash register on sale at Office Depot for $100.00.

The project committee will prioritize 3 small projects and 3 big projects.

Charlotte Henager has offered an eight foot cooler for our concession room. Larry made a motion, seconded by Todd to accept the cooler.

Larry has been asked if the Rialto would be available for a funeral for Sarah Rantke. The Board recommended that we not charge a fee but just ask for a donation. The date of the funeral has not been set at this time.

There being no further business to bring before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Next meeting will be held Friday, May 4 at 8:00 a.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Marty Burleson, Secretary