April 22, 2021
FACT Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Todd Williams, Marc Baluch, Larry Baker, Ron Hinkle, Bethany La Loge, Mike Peterson, Marci Day, Martie LaCasse
Guests: Susan Frushour
Absent: Sara Puckett
Call to order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.

Guest Speaker: Susan Frushour – Florence Chamber of Commerce

  • The Chamber has been working on fundraising and have received a grant for PPE supplies for local agencies
  • She presented a check for $500 to purchase PPE supplies for the theater
  • Board Members took a picture with the check for the newspaper and chamber
  • Board agreed to put a “Shout Out” to the C of C on the marque and will send a thank you card


  • Larry has keys for board members
  • Jennifer – Moved that Martie have a key to the theater to access archive items
  • 2nd – Mike
  • All in favor – motion passed
  • Mike, Marc, Bethany and Martie received keys
  • Sara will get her copy at the next meeting

Old Business

4-15/21 Meeting Minutes – sent out in a previous email

  • Jennifer stated that there are some corrections needed about performance dates
  • Ron sent an email about a needed correction about the liquor sales at the Rialto
  • Marc – moved to approve the minutes
  • Ron 2nd – with the with the above mentioned amendments
  • All in favor – motion passed

Rialto Clean Up – Volunteer Clean up

  • Jennifer reported that this was a HUGE success!
  • Sunday had been canceled because everything on the list was done, but we had needed that day to work with Larry on the Green Room
  • Roger Zeibeil – would like to volunteer and is excited to help with the Green Room
  • We may have the help of the Florence HS shop class
    • We should know by Monday
    • What dates would we need the HS class?
    • Larry will make a schedule
    • Will need 3-4 students for 4 hours a day
  • Larry and Mike will organize the volunteers for the Green Room
  • We need more foam for the sound proofing
  • Jennifer or Bethany will contact Colleen at Habitat for Humanity to ask about getting more foam

Board Conflicts

  • There have been some issues with disagreements and personality differences between board members recently – Jennifer asked the board to please act respectfully towards each other

Community Request – revisited from last meeting

  • Living Word Foursquare Church – they found a new venue, and are no longer requesting to use the Theater

New Business

Rialto Calendar of Events

  • Jennifer bought a paper desk calendar for board members to reference at the theater
  • Board members got a paper calendar to fill out to keep for themselves – filled in master calendar together
  • We need to make sure that we check city and county calendars when scheduling events and shows to prevent conflicts
  • Todd is working on a comedian for a Stage Show
  • 2nd Saturday in June – Flash back on Main in Florence is happening, We can have a sidewalk event
  • July 3rd – Possible Ice Cream Social with FC Choir
  • Todd presented a Stage Band – A Little Loco
    • A discussion was held about show dates
    • Jennifer – motion to have “A Little Loco” perform at the Rialto on August 7th from 7 – 9 p.m. (pending music licensing)
    • Ron 2nd
    • All in Favor – Motion Passed
  • Sister Act will be performed mid to late October
  • What ideas do we have for Halloween? Haunted Theater? Costume Contest? Ghost Hunt?
  • Sue Haws would like to host a Murder Mystery in November
  • Witness and the Judge will be in late December
  • Jennifer will start sending out show and event email blasts
  • Shows (theater shows) and Fundraising/ Bands need to be two separate committees

Music Licensing:

  • We can get a Blanket License for $253 – $360 per seating grouping
  • Cost goes up $50-$60 per grouping
  • Would cost between $900-$1000 total for licensing for a year for our sized venue
  • This would not cover any music played in the Lobby or Musicals performed in the theater
  • If a venue has less than 6 speakers you can play a radio station for free

Children’s Camp:

  • Jennifer offered to run the Children’s Theater this summer
  • We can have up to 30 children
  • Charge $50 per child
  • 3-4 week camp
  • M-Th: 10-2 – kids bring a sack lunch
  • Camp Dates: July 5th 0 29th
  • Performance Dates: July 30 & 31 at 6:00, Aug 1st at 3:00 p.m.
  • $10-$12 ticket cost for Camp Show
  • Offer parents a discount

Our Town

  • Playbill will read Rialto Theater and Fremont Civic Theater Presents …
  • FTC will pay for royalties and scripts
  • 50/50 ticket sales split
  • Rialto will pay for advertising and will keep 100% of profits from concessions to cover the advertising costs
  • Discussion was held – performance dates will be July 10th – 11th, and 17th – 18th


Grant Committee

  • Martie has been working on the Shuttered Venue Grant
  • The portal for the grant has been closed for a week
  • Martie feels that we can probably getting funding for all of our projects, but we need a budget completed for the Rialto as a whole, and a budget per project
  • Martie reports that we have missed the first round of funding of the year due to not having financial information to include on the application
  • We can still apply for the 2nd round of funding, but we may not receive some of those funds until Dec 2021 or January 2022
  • Martie also suggested that we have a Financial Review or Audit done to provide more information for grantors

Yellow Tube

  • – will be up until the end of summer (99 days)

Fundraising Committee

  • Todd reports that we might be able to do Chili’s on Mondays during May
    We would get a percentage of sales when people dine in and mention the Rialto
    Need to Promote
  • Car wash gift cards
    Fundraiser will run from April 30th – May 13th
    We will put the Rialto Code on our Facebook page
    The code will be posted at the Car Wash locations
    We need to work on promoting fundraiser – will put up on the marque
  • Royalties
    Marc asked if there is a business that would be willing to sponsor the music licensing would they get a shout out?
    Jennifer stated yes – a line in every play bill


  • We need to get new letters soon
  • It would be nice to get a digital sign to promote more events at one time
  • The next 3 days will be a Thank You to the Florence Chamber for Donation
  • Happy Birthday message for Alicia Paterson – 4/29
  • Next: Carwash and Chili’s Fundraisers
  • Change to FCHT Auditions – May 5th
  • Todd, Mike and Marc will get together for a tutorial on changing the marque


  • Jennifer presented pending budget
  • Mike – motion to accept presented budget
  • Marc 2nd
  • All in favor – Motion Passed
  • Martie will use this budget for grants

Tips Training

  • Mike will find out the dates of the next training
  • Training is free – any interested board members are able to attend
  • Todd has some volunteers who would like to take the training also

Bills Due

  • Larry presented several bills that need to be paid
  • Jennifer stated that we can go ahead and pay the bills that are due – the money has been transferred to the correct account, and Jennifer will sign the checks
  • Larry received an invoice from River Valley Heating for HVAC inspections
    • $684 in labor was donated
    • 3 of the HVAC units need new compressors, but the rest are in working order

Liquor Sponsor

  • Todd stated that we cannot get a sponsor for Alcohol since we have a permanent liquor license
  • Todd is going to work with a distributor for liquor deals

Board decided to start meeting every other week
FACT Meeting adjourned at 7:26 pm
Next Meeting in 2 weeks Thursday May 6th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rialto Theater

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethany La Loge
FACT Board Secretary