May 6, 2021
FACT Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Marc Baluch, Larry Baker, Ron Hinkle, Bethany La Loge, Martie LaCasse,
Guests: Deb Morton (Social Media), Sue Haws (FCHT)
Absent: Sara Puckett (unexcused), Mike Peterson (unexcused), Todd Williams (excused)
Call to order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Guest Speaker: Sue Haws – Fremont County has Talent

  • FCHT will be held on June 5th – Auditions will be May 15th and 16th at the Rialto
  • Sue will need access to the building for Auditions and one week prior to the show for set up – Board members will need to open and close up the Rialto
  • Show will be approx. 1.5 hours long with 15-20 acts (5-6 mins each)

Old Business

  • 4/22/21 Meeting Minutes – sent out in a previous email
    • Martie stated that her name needed a spelling correction
    • Jennifer – moved to approve the minutes with corrections
    • Ron 2nd – with the with the above mentioned amendments
    • All in favor – motion passed
  • Write Time Radio (KRLN) –
    • Ron reported that it went ok
    • Lynn Donovan will have a thumb drive of the audio recording when she gets back next week and we can have a copy if we would like to put it on our Social Media Pages
  • A discussion was held with Deb Morton about Social Media – she stated that we can email her anything we want to be put up on our YouTube page
  • Ron suggested that we post the Starpoint FTN video of Debbie Bell reading on the Rialto Theater stage
  • Jennifer stated that board members need to like and share our posts on Facebook to reach more of an audience

New Business


  • We need a point of contact to consistently send out our advertising for shows and events
  • A discussion was held
  • It was decided that each individual group/committee will be responsible for developing their own advertising
  • Martie stated that she is willing to send it out to the press, if people can send her the finished advertising/ flyers, etc.

Committee Updates


  • Martie has been working on the Shuttered Venue grant
  • She stated that she has been having issues with the website and the grant requirements
  • This grant is focused on theaters that have paid staff/actors
  • She is also working on a grant from El Pomar
  • Martie stated that grant went in a little late for the first round of funding, but show be on the El Pomar agenda in May or July
  • This is for a General Operating Expense grant of $10,000
  • Newmont Mining and CU of Colorado also have small operating expenses grants we will can try for
  • The Rawlings Foundation and Next 50 have bigger grants we can try for once we have our financial documentation done
  • Next 50 has $25,000 max grants with a quick turnaround


  • Larry stated that we might need to look into new coolers – the current ones are only at 51 degrees
  • A discussion was held about new coolers
  • Larry stated that he would like to have a refrigeration person look at the coolers
  • Martie suggested to call Joe’s Appliance
  • Larry stated that he would call to schedule an appointment


  • We have a Black Hills Energy bill for $598 – we are receiving the bills via email
  • Larry stated that he would get that paid

Board Attendance and needs

  • A discussion was held about Board member attendance
  • The currently attendance policy states that a board member will be terminated after 3 unexcused absences
  • Best practice is attendance of all Executive Board Members at most meetings
  • We NEED to get the Treasure’s reports, Financial Reports and Income statements done ASAP in order to be able to apply for grants
  • Martie asked if we would like to be connected to a retired bookkeeper to get our financials done
  • Discussion was held – the board would be interested
  • Jennifer stated that Susan Darci’s Accounting should already be providing monthly financial statements
  • Jennifer will contact them about getting our missing monthly and annual reports that we are missing.
  • Martie stated that we still need to get our audit done


  • Ron stated that Larry Baker has pledged a $500 donation for every $5000 we raise for the Rialto
  • Jerry Robinson & Deb Morton (and her husband) each donated $500 in May
  • Will give a shout out on the marque

Yellow Tube

  • will be up until the end of summer (99 days)

Facebook Fundraising

  • Set up by Michelle Hyatt and Deb Morton in 2020
  • Deb stated that the total revenue of that fundraiser was $525 and she wanted to check that we received that money from Facebook
  • Jennifer and Larry will double check on that deposit

Celebrity Karaoke Fundraiser

  • July 10th outside the Rialto
  • Still working on the details and have a few individuals who are interested in participating

Car Wash Fundraiser

  • The code will be posted at the Car Wash locations
  • We need to work on promoting fundraiser – will put up on the marque

Chili’s Fundraiser

  • We cannot do this for the month of May due to COVID restrictions on dining room per Chili’s Cooperate Office
  • We may be able to do this in June

Rialto Cookbooks

  • Ron stated that we have some old Rialto Cookbooks to sell or auction
  • A discussion was held on how to market and sell these

Music Licensing/ Royalties

  • Marc stated that Terry Wagner of Wagner Brakes is interested in sponsoring the music licensing in full
  • A discussion was held about how we could honor this sponsorship

New Events

  • Halloween party – Oct 30th
    • Early on have kid friendly costume party and trick or treating
    • Later in the night have adult Halloween party
  • Blues Festival – September
    • Blues & Beer – working title
    • 3 band contest (demo) – free to the public
    • 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awarded
    • 2nd day – all 3 bands return to play a full set – sell tickets to the full concert
    • Tie in Guitar art with festival

Sound System

  • Tay from KRLN has offered to let us use his sound system for our events (he will run it)
  • Marc wants to research a bit before we commit to Tay
  • If we go with Tay we will give him a shout out on the marque, playbills, etc.


Our Town

  • Auditions for Our Town will start this weekend
  • May 7th – 9th, & 14th
  • FCT started promotion auditions yesterday
  • We need to find a local printer for playbills and flyers
  • We need to figure out how many seats we can have in the theater for ticket sales
  • Jennifer will work on arranging seating on Saturday
  • Deb will come to help
  • We need committee members here for tours on 2nd Saturday

Fremont County has Talent

  • Auditions will be May 15th and 16th
  • Sue needs access to the building Sat: 10-2 (Ron) & 6-8 (Jennifer), Sun 1-3

COVID Protocol

  • Board Members will need to wear masks when the Theater is open to the public
  • We are looking into a backpack sprayer for sanitizing the theater between events
  • $450 – $5000 depending on the model
  • We need to contact Kayla Maynar at FCDPH for sanitization requirements before we purchase equipment
  • The $500 grant we received from the Florence Chamber could be used toward purchase of equipment

Children’s Theater

  • Tentative to start on July 12th – July 31st for camp
  • July 30, 31 and Aug 1st for performances
  • Charge for camp was $50 per child – considering upping the price to $100 per child (providing scholarships for kids who need them)
  • $10-$12 ticket cost for Camp Show
  • Offer parents a discount

To do List:

  • Find someone to tune the piano
  • Purchase Soda and Water for 2nd Saturday (May 7th)
  • Larry will purchase – $1 donation for drinks
  • Larry needs help finishing the Green Room
  • He needs at least 3 people
  • Larry needs to decide on schedule for Volunteers to help
  • May 7th and May 15th will be work days – 10-2
  • Deb will promote on Facebook
  • Liquor
    • Marc stated he will be the contact person to get us hooked up with a Liquor distributor
    • The Board decided to go with Coors
    • He will also look into local vendors for donation – can only get $200 worth in donations
  • Name Tags
  • We need to purchase shirts and name tags for Board Members for events
  • We have used Moore in Florence before


FACT Meeting adjourned at 7:49 pm
Next Meeting in 2 weeks Thursday May 20th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rialto Theater

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethany La Loge
FACT Board Secretary