June 3, 2021
FACT Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Larry Baker, Ron Hinkle, Bethany La Loge, Todd Williams
Absent: Mike Peterson, Marci Day, Marc Baluch, Sarah Puckett
Call to order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.


Old Business

  • 5/6/2021 & 5/15/2021 Meeting Minutes – No discussion
    • Ron moved to approve both sets of minutes
    • Jennifer 2nd: All Approved
  • Resignation Letter
    • Marci Day has sent in her resignation letter. She feels unable to serve on the board at this time due to time constraints.
    • Ron moved to accept Marci Day’s resignation letter
    • Todd 2nd: All Approved
  • Music Licensing
    • The licensing has gone through
    • We are good to go for Fremont County has Talent
  • Insurance
    • Larry stated that only the first payment has been made
    • Mike is not present to report on status – not sure when insurance stands
    • Tabled until we have more information
  • Grants
    • Marti was unable to attend, but Ron reported for her
    • Fran Black is now volunteering with Marti
  • Currently applying for the following grants:
    • City of Florence – $5,000 for PPE – Awarded
    • El Pomar – Submitted
    • Will be reviewed at the July meeting of the El Pomar Board
    • Credit Union of Colorado – $1000 – Submitted
    • New Mt Mining
    • Gates Foundation
    • 50 Initiative
    • Co Department of Economic Development
    • Rawlings Foundation
    • History of Colorado

    New Business

    PPE/Disinfecting Plan/ Cleaning

    • Ron met with Hillyard Cleaning for recommendations for disinfecting
    • They have many recommendations, but did not feel that the theater was large enough for a sprayer disinfector
    • They will be providing a report to the board, which will include a quote for supplies
    • Ron is looking into Red Ball Cleaning for cost on regular professional cleaning for the theater and supplies
    • We need to purchase a commercial vacuum


    • Spectrum will be coming on Monday – Jennifer will be here to let them in
    • We will be getting a new modem and boosters to improve the WIFI at the theater
    • Our old account was closed, so we had to open a new account but we got a lower price
    • Old plan: $176/mo, New Plan: $122.96/mo
    • We will be getting a new phone number – we might call the old number to let them know where to forward calls for the Rialto

    Name Tags

    • Todd has the finished nametags for the board members. Sarah Puckett has one as well.
    • Todd needs to be reimbursed $12.00 for each nametag


    • Ron has applied for an Office Depot account
    • We will get a better deal with an account
    • Office Depot did the printing (playbills and tickets) for FCHT
    • Ron paid for the printing and needs to be reimbursed
    • Total: $19.24

    Fire Extinguishers

    • They have been picked up and are being charged – we currently have loaners
    • Total Cost for recharge: $449.00

    Pest Control

    • We need to look into cost for pest control for the theater

    FCHT – Weekend schedule


    • Sue will be at theater Friday morning for Piano Tuning
    • Sue will meet Tay Jeffords at 4:00 for sound system test
    • Sound system is running great
    • Tay needs a podium on the side of the stage
    • Jennifer will be at theater for lights at 5:00
    • Casting Call will be at 6:00 for dress rehearsal
    • Volunteers arrive for assignments at 7:00


    • Board Members arrive at 10:00 am to clean theater
    • Ron will pick up tickets at Big Ds and City market by noon
    • Sue to arrive at 4
    • Board to arrive at 5:00
    • Performers to arrive at 6:00
    • Doors open at 6:30
    • Curtain at 7:00
    • Show will run from 7 – 9:30 with a 20 minute intermission
    • We will be staging performers in the foyer and sending them up 2 at a time


    • Fridges are working great

    To do list:

    • Finish cleaning off the stage
    • A discussion was held about where to place items
    • Move carpet from ADA ramp
    • Vacuum
    • Stock Concessions
    • Set Up Register and Four Square
    • Review seating

    Show Assignments:

    • Concessions: Marc
    • Ticket Booth: Jennifer or Bethany
    • Lights: Jennifer
    • Introduction & Noise Control: Todd
    • Popcorn and hour before
    • PPE for servers
    • Volunteer Roles
    • Bathrooms
    • Seat Audience
    • Programs
    • Stair Security
    • Tear Tickets


    FACT Meeting adjourned at 7:20 pm
    Next Meeting Thursday June 10th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rialto Theater

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Bethany La Loge
    FACT Board Secretary