June 24, 2021
FACT Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Marc Baluch, Ron Hinkle, Bethany La Loge
Absent: Mike Peterson, Larry Baker, Todd Williams, Sarah Puckett, Marti La Crosse
Call to order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Old Business

Meeting Minutes

  • Ron moved to approve current minutes
  • Marc 2nd
  • All approved – motion passed

Board Members

  • Sarah Puckett has submitted her resignation letter
  • The board accepted her letter
  • Possible board members discussed
  • Sue Haws has submitted a letter of interest
  • Carolyn Solseth has submitted a letter of interest, she is interested in the Treasurer position
  • Other possible board members discussed
  • We will invite Sue and Carolyn to the next board meeting on 7/1/2021
  • A discussion was held about Board functionality and responsibilities of board members

Banking account report:

  • Checking account: $6588.47
  • Savings: $1357.47
  • Grant Savings: $921.59
  • Added bank signers
    • Ron moved to have Todd as a bank signer – discussion was held
    • Marc 2nd – All approved
    • Bethany and Todd will be added as bank signers
    • New Treasurer will be added once they are voted in
  • Jennifer brought up the idea of making our bill payments electronic
  • Discussion was held and the board agreed to allow for an recurring bills to be paid automatically through the checking account
  • Ron will be reimbursed $15 for printing for FCHT

Old accounts/ renewals

  • Great American Insurance Company – $101.00
  • LHAT – League of Historical American Theaters
    • $325.00 – board approved to pay with donation received earlier in the year
  • Florence Chamber of Commerce Membership
    • $40.00 – Ron will check on membership fee amount
  • Property Tax Exemption Form
    • $250.00 because we missed the April Deadline
    • We can submit a letter of waiver to get approval
    • If waiver is approved, we will be refunded minus the original fee of $75.00

Committee Updates

Grants Committee

  • Applying for Next 50 – Community Emergency Fund
  • Grant projects: Green Room Completion, Lights and Curtain for Stage, and HVAC system

Production Committee

  • Our town – Show dates July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18
  • Volunteer work day for clean-up and sets will be Saturday June 26th 9-12
  • Need Volunteers for concessions, cleaning crew, box office
  • FCHT and Melodrama deposits and check for Ray L.
  • Sue Haws with FCC would like to host a sign along during the day of Aug 7th

Concessions Committee

  • Budweiser will be the liquor supplier

Fundraising Committee

  • Champion Express Car Wash
    • Ron said we should know the total money made next week
  • Karaoke Competition
    • Still having a hard time getting singers
    • Moved back to September (tent.)
  • Little Loco Concert
    • Aug 7th – board will discuss this more when Todd is present

Project Committee

  • Jennifer would like all the board members to be involved
    We need to focus on the first two items for now

Current Projects

  • Lights, sound, rigging, curtains
    • Illuminated-Integration
    • Virtual meeting Thursday at 11 am with Colby: They can help us design a full set up customized for our theater and create a budget for grant writing
  • Green Room
    • The building permit has been located and the project can continue
    • Casey Jones, Ray Linebaugh and Paul Pedtke have offered to help get it completed, along with creating a projects and materials list needed for completion.
  • Balcony
    • Need to look into adding staircases from balcony to stage for fire escape access, finish flooring and extend railing to have seating upstairs
    • Discussion was held about future plans for upstairs, and storage for stage flats, box seats, etc.
    • Ron will ask Alan Nisely about the repairs needed on the walls
  • HVAC
    • Martie is looking for the paperwork for the HVAC system to see if we have a warranty on them

New Business


  • Darcy’s Accounting will be taking the sales tax exempt status back over – were asked not to do this for a time
  • We are responsible to process the property taxes – Jennifer is dealing with that
  • They will be sending us a monthly statement from now on

Trouble shooting

  • The house lights are not working correctly
  • We need a plumber to come look at the women’s and upstairs bathrooms

Fire Extinguishers

  • The fire extinguishers will be returned tomorrow
  • $449 has been paid


FACT Meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.
Next Meeting Thursday July 1st, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rialto Theater

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethany La Loge
FACT Board Secretary