July 1, 2021
FACT Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Mike Peterson, Ron Hinkle, Bethany La Loge, Larry Baker, Marti La Crosse, Todd Williams, Carolyn Solseth
Absent: Marc Baluch
Call to order: Jennifer called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes from 6/24/2021 are not yet complete – approval was tabled until next meeting
Welcome new Board Members

  • Carolyn Solseth has submitted a letter of interest for a board position
    3 year resident of Florence
    Retired CPA with a background in non-profit work
    Carolyn is interested in the Treasurer position
    Todd moved to accept Carolyn’s letter of interest as a FACT board member, and to have her assume the treasure’s position, Ron 2nd
    Discussion held about secret ballot vote, Ron moved to hold a verbal vote for this occasion only, Mike 2nd,All approved – motion passed
    Verbal vote held – All approved – motion passed

Building and Electrical Permit
Jennifer gave a report on the electrical updates
We need to rewire to a larger gauge for the amount of electricity being used
12 gage 20×20 electrical cords needed
A volunteer has looked at our lighting system to give advice
LED replacements for lights would be best if we can afford it

Old accounts/ renewals

  • Great American Insurance Company – $101.00
  • LHAT – League of Historical American Theaters
    $325.00 – board approved to pay with donation received earlier in the year
    Jennifer will be paying this online
    Ron will let the donor know when this has been paid

Committee Updates

Production Committee

  • Our town – Show dates July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18
  • Jennifer spent $30 to boost the post on Facebook
    Ron brought up some suggestions for future banners
    Volunteer work day for clean-up and sets will be Saturday June 26th 9-12
    Tey Jefffords is running the sound
    Jim Place is running the lights
    Need Volunteers for concessions, cleaning crew, box office
    FCT – Mandy will be helping backstage, and Marcie has offered to tear tickets
    Martie has offered to run the box office
    Ron, Marc, and Missy will be available for Concessions
    Marc and Missy will be gone the 10th
    Ron will be gone the 16th

  • FCHT and Melodrama deposits and check for Ray L.
  • Sue Haws with FCT would like to host a sing along during the day of Aug 7th


Budweiser will be the liquor supplier
They will do our banners and flyers for free for events
Square – Ron asked about keeping inventory – Jennifer reported that we can do that on the square
Concession committee will set up schedule for events

Fundraising Committee

Champion Express Car Wash – Ron said we should know the total money made next week
Karaoke Competition – Still having a hard time getting singers, Moved back to September (tent.)
Little Loco Concert – Aug 7th – board will discuss this more when Todd is present

Project Committee

Jennifer would like all the board members to be involved – We need to focus on the first two items for now

Current Projects

Lights, sound, rigging, curtains
Illuminated-Integration – Virtual meeting Thursday at 11 am with Colby
They can help us design a full set up customized for our theater and create a budget for grant writing
Green Room
The building permit has been located and the project can continue
Casey Jones, Ray Linebaugh and Paul Pedtke have offered to help get it completed, along with creating a projects and materials list needed for completion.
Need to look into adding staircases from balcony to stage for fire escape access, finish flooring and extend railing to have seating upstairs
Discussion was held about plans for upstairs, and storage for stage flats, box seats, etc.
Ron will ask Alan Nisely about the repairs needed on the walls
Martie is looking for the paperwork for the HVAC system to see if we have a warranty on them

New Business

Darcy’s Accounting will be taking the sales tax exempt status back over – were asked not to do this for a time
We are responsible to process the property taxes – Jennifer is dealing with that
They will be sending us a monthly statement from now on
Trouble shooting
The house lights are not working correctly
We need a plumber to come look at the women’s and upstairs bathrooms
Fire Extinguishers
The fire extinguishers will be returned tomorrow
$449 has been paid
Theater Cleaning
Bethany and Jennifer have found some concerns and items left behind by the cleaning company
Lights being left on, dirty mop water being left in rooms, and trash not getting thrown away
Ron stated he would address these items with the cleaning crew and cleaning schedule for performances
Sue and Ann have volunteered to clean the theater for free if we need them to

FACT Meeting adjourned at 8:31 p.m.
Next Meeting Thursday July 15th, at 6:00 p.m. at the Rialto Theater

Respectfully Submitted,
Bethany La Loge
FACT Board Secretary