July 29, 2021

Emergency Board Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Todd Williams, Ron Hinkle, Larry Baker, Mike Patterson, Marc Baluch
Absent: Sue Haws, Carolyn Solseth, Bethany LaLoge
Call to order: 5pm

This meeting has been called to take action about an incident involving a board member. The incident took place away from the Rialto building, but involved a group of volunteers and actors for the theater. It was a mistake, and no malicious intent was present. It did, however, cause distress to some individuals involved. Because of this, the board member has verbally resigned from the FACT Board, effective immediately and will submit her letter of resignation as soon as possible.

  • Motion made by Marc Baluch to have Bethany LaLoge removed from the board, bank accounts and social media accounts, effective immediately.
    Second made by Ron Hinkle. All in favor. Motion passed.
  • Board will create a statement about the incident to release if needed.
    Florence Architectural and Cultural Traditions board is aware of an unfortunate incident that occurred on the evening of July 28, 2021. The board of the Rialto Theater does not condone the behaviors and actions that led to this mistake, and the distress of others. An emergency board meeting was called this evening, July 29, 2021 and the necessary steps have been taken to accept the individual’s verbal resignation, but to also remove the individual from the board of the Rialto Theater effective immediately.