July 30, 2021

Follow up Board Meeting Minutes
Attendees: Jennifer Bowers, Todd Williams, Ron Hinkle, Larry Baker, Mike Patterson, Sue Haws
Absent: Marc Baluch, Carolyn Solseth
Call to order: 5pm

Mike Patterson–has spoken with 2 lawyers and the DA to confirm what, and if, any further actions need to be taken by the board of the Rialto.

  • At this time, we have done our due diligence with the person stepping away from the board, the board holding a meeting within 24 hrs to confirm her removal, and the board creating a statement to be used if any questions should arise.
  • Mike has also spoken to our insurance carrier, and the board is fully covered if anything further should come up.

Mike Patterson and Todd Williams have asked that Jennifer Bowers step down as president, and a motion will be moved if declined. The remaining board feels different leadership is needed at this time.

  • Jennifer stepped down and will remain on the board as the Secretary
  • Mike motioned that Todd Williams become interim President, Ron Hinkle as interim Vice President, Jennifer Bowers as Secretary and Carolyn Solseth as Treasurer.
  • Ron Hinkle Second
  • Jennifer abstained from voting
  • all in favor (5 votes), motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 6pm