Call to Order 6:06pm
Roll Call: Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Sue Haws, Larry Baker, Grant Committee: Marti La Casse
Absent: Mike Patterson, Carolyn Solseth

Guests –

Ray Linebaugh – Green room update: Will need about $1400.00 for materials to finish, crew will be coming in the next few days to measure, and begin install. Ray will meet with Larry to confirm theater pipe placements before install. Ron Motion to give Ray a key on temp basis so he and his crew and come in as needed to work on Green Room. Second-Jennifer. All in favor. Motion for Ray to temporarily retain a key to the theater, to be returned at the end of the Green Room Project passes.

Marc Baluch – After considering the recent change within the board again, Marc has requested that we consider his reinstatement to the board. He has provided a letter of intent for our review.

Approval of Minutes – Action Needed

Emergency Meeting – July 29; Jennifer Motion to approve, Second -Sue Haws, All in favor. Motion to approve emergency meeting minutes passes.
Follow-up Meeting – July 30; Jennifer Motion to approve, Second- Sue Haws, All in favor, Motion to approve follow up meeting minutes passes.
August 9: Jennifer Motion to approve, Second -Sue Haws, all in favor, Motion to approve Minutes from August 9th Board Meeting passes.

Treasurer’s Report

Carolyn’s Update – Ron had an update on bank accounts, and confirmed that the second checking account is our Grant account to keep grant money for renovations separate from main checking that is used for daily upkeep of the theater.
Theater is currently in the black, and will have the funds needed to complete the Green Room.


Next 50 – Marti-Our application was denied for the Next 50 grant, but will try for others and rework the grant proposal for this organization. Other ones we should be getting budgets together for: Gates Family Foundation (Arts grant options-budgets for theater renovations and operating costs) , Rowlings Foundation (tech savvy -budget for sound and lights projects.)

El Pomar Status – Marti $1,500 General Operating Grant from El Pomar.

Rural Philanthropy Days – We had a discussion about the fees required to register for this event. If the board covers the cost of the RPB registration, Marti will be our representation at the event. Jennifer Motion to have FACT Board cover the registration fees for The Rural Philanthropy Days.

Previous Business Items/Updates

Fundraising Committee

Agreement Template/Rental Prices– Ron handed out our new contract and rental agreement form. There are a menu of options so that outside vendors, events, programs, and companies can tailor their needs to prices.

Concessions – Ron. Fridge is now locked to stop runaway water, soda and candy. Bring your own, and watch where guests are roaming. Door to concessions is open for air, and sometimes people walk in looking around.

Rialto Rummage Update – Sue–We made over $500.00 after a few stop ins during the week bought items. Jennifer will create the flyers.

Rialto Rummage II – Second Saturday – Sept 11 – Sue–, 8am-2pm again. Ron and Carolyn will be there to help with concessions. Will get items for coffee and donuts this time.

Celebrity Karaoke – Sept 25 – Ron-on hold for now. Will revisit as we rework things on calendar and who will be involved.

Junktique – Oct 2-3 – Ron– up to 5 booths. We will need volunteers and board members to help that weekend, in shifts if needed. 8am -5pm each day. We cannot be open without a board member on site at all times.

SteamPunk Ball – Oct 9 – Ron –contract is being finished and will get that out to Ray Linebaugh. expecting about 100 people. They will need theater from 5pm -10 pm. Board will run concessions.

Front Range Big Band – Oct 10 – Ron—Band will need theater 1pm-6pm, but concert is 3pm-5pm. Board will run ticket booth and concessions. Band requests 5% of ticket sales, and $100 for gas to come play. Jennifer will create the flyers and tickets.

Miss Southern Colorado Style Scholarship Pageant – Nov 14 – Ron—Contract for Veronica is being finished and will be sent out for signature and deposit. They are handling promotions and advertising.

Production Committee

Odd Couple – Oct 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 – Jennifer – FCT–contract underway and will be sent to FCT for signature and deposit. Dates are still a go, will get promotional material from Marcy once FCT has it.

Heinous Harvest – Nov 5, 6, 7 – Sue–Dates need to be pushed back so we have time to rehearse and get the show together. TBA for now, but in the works.

Witness and the Judge – Dec 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 – Jennifer – Ray-Still confirmed, will finish green room then discuss when he will need to build the extensions on the stage for his show.

FHS Band Dinner Concert – Action Needed–determine how many tables and chairs we can accommodate, and let FHS know ASAP. Also contact about $150.00 sponsorship and get logo on their shirts.

Additional Previous Business Items

Todd’s Resignation Letter-accepted, position has moved to Ron Hinkle as interim President, which leaves Jennifer Bowers as interim Secretary and Carolyn Solseth as Treasurer, Board members Mike Patterson, Sue Haws and Larry Baker. Open seat for Vice President, and remaining seats for board members to make 9.

Green Room Update-see above with Ray Linebaugh.

New Business Items

Prospective Board Members – get the word to those who will have the time to be an active board member and fit the needs we have moving forward.
Develop 2021 Schedule (firm and tentative, dates/times subject to change)–Jennifer will create.


Next Board Meeting Date – September 13, 2021 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned 7:38pm