Call to Order 6:05pm

Mike Patterson – Letter of resignation. Effective immediately.

Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Larry Baker, Carolyn Solseth, Sue Haws

Guests –

Ray Linebaugh
— Curtain information for front curtain and rigging. Board will review and discuss purchasing and get a budget to Marti for grant writing.

— Green Room-Ray went ahead and put the toilet into the green room, and has a bill for FACT board for materials. Ray will purchase items needed and bring receipts for reimbursement. Total budget will be lower than originally estimated.

— Larry will call the building inspector about the green room and get plans confirmed to continue building.

Approval of Minutes:

August 23, 2021 Jennifer Motion to approve meeting minutes from Aug 23.
Second–Sue Haws. All in favor, motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report:

Carolyn’s Update/Concerns – Carolyn would like to take over many of the daily treasury items herself to keep it up to date for meetings. Darcy’s has been doing our accounting pro-bono for years, but many of the girls at the firm are retiring and taking some leave. Continue with Darcy doing the 990’s and much of the big ticket items. Carolyn will also look into software costs to get what she needs to work a 501(c)(3) for accounting, may be able to write a grant for the software.

Send comp tickets to Darcy’s for doing the work pro-bono.

Property tax-sent paperwork in for an exemption on paperwork, waiting for an answer.


Marti – unable to attend, sent updates to Ron.
Rawlings Foundation – Marti has applied for this grant for Sound equipment.
Rural Philanthropy Days – Marti will be attending this next week, will update us after.

Previous Business Items:

Fundraising Committee – nothing new to report.

Concessions – Ron — good to go.

Rummage Sale Update – Sue over $744 total over 2 days

Junktique – Oct 2-3 – Five vendors/Seven tables — all paid, still have open booths and tables available. Set rectangle tables up for Junktique. Ron will have a diagram.

SteamPunk Ball – Oct 9 – Ron — still good to go. We need to schedule a volunteer work day : 9am ,Oct 9 : to take down tables and chairs, put out round tables and chairs around outside of the dance floor.

Front Range Big Band – October 10 — still good to go. We need to schedule a volunteer work day sometime before 2pm to pack up tables and set up chairs, then work concert 3-5pm.

Production Committee

FCT – Odd Couple – Oct 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24
Heinous Harvest — getting actors together, will start rehearsals soon if possible.

Additional Previous Business Items

FHS Band Concert Fundraiser – Jennifer — we will have a mock up of the tables and chairs for a banquet and see if we can accommodate the number of guests.
Board Member – Letter of Interest – Marc Baluch — Marc has submitted his letter of intent to rejoin the board at the last meeting. Jennifer: Motion to reinstate Marc Baluch on the FACT Board, Second–Carolyn Solseth . All in favor, motion passes.

Code of Ethics/MVV – Ron presented a code last meeting for board review.—Sue-Motion to approve code of ethics. Second–Carolyn . All in favor. Motion passed. Board has signed code of ethics and copies are on file.

Potential new board members – Greg, Lloyd, Haley, Dan, Larry. Waiting to see if anyone gets a letter of intent to the board.

Honorary Board Member –review criteria, will discuss at next meeting.

New Business Items

Paranormal Request – October 29, evening event, only 12 people, we would get 10.00 per person of ticket sales. One evening only. Jennifer Motion to let Cross Over Paranormal Investigation Scouts to use the theater for 45min-hour October 29th during their downtown tour, Second-Larry. All in favor, Motion passes.

Living Word Four Square Church Community Sing – Sue –no charge, TBD on date, Friday or Saturday night. Will get date info from her pastor. Sue–motion to accept TBD date on community sing along. Second- Jennifer. All in favor, motion passes.

Printer/Copier Donation – Jennifer –printer/scanner would be available for $500.00. Upkeep would be expensive, Jennifer will check on availability and details.

Work Day –Jennifer will schedule the ones needed in October to get the theater ready for shows and events. Ron has scheduled the one on Thursday for the Green Room.

Meeting adjourned–7:52pm—next meeting Sept 27 @ 6pm