Call to Order 6:05
Roll Call : Ron Hinkle, Sue Haws, Carolyn Solseth, Ray Linebaugh, Larry Baker, Deb Morton, Marti LaCasse, Jennifer Bowers
Absent: Marc Baluch
Guests – Ray Linebaugh, Deb Morton
Approval of Minutes : September 13, 2021 Sue-Motion to accept the minutes, Second–Carolyn. All in favor, no discussion, motion passes.

Treasurer’s Report: Carolyn’s Update

  • Over $9,000 in bank, all accounts combined.
  • Non profit banking: Program, overhead, fundraising–these 3 categories need to be used to do budget sheets for our organization
  • We should look at what percentages we have in each category going out, and where the money is coming from–we need better documentation on deposit slips and checking in with the treasurer about what it is and where it goes.
  • Would like to change the current budget split to 90% program, and 10% overhead. Will contact Darcy about the change for paperwork.
  • Software still needed to do proper accounting for nonprofit. Jennifer Motion to let Carolyn purchase the software for $40.00 per month subscription barring any stringent contract terms and cancel fees. Second-Sue Haws. No discussion, motion passed.

Grants – Martie

  • Rawlings Foundation -Grant application is in. Hitch-asked if we’ve been funded recently. Carpet was granted by Rawlings more than 2 years ago. We are good, it was more than 2 years ago.
  • Rural Philanthropy Days – Martie
  • We need a budget for smaller projects between 15, 000 to 45,000 and certain funders require a percentage match of the budget before they would fund the rest. Many funders at RPD stated we need to look at a state historical grant.
  • We need to use the 100 year anniversary coming up in September 2023 and having the theater done as our foundation for the Gala.
  • Ron will look into how St Cloud got 3 million Revitalization grant.

Previous Business Items:

New Board Members – Letters of Interest -Ray Linebaugh, Debbie Morton

  • Jennifer motion to accept Ray Linebaugh on the FACT Board. Second-Carolyn Solseth. All in favor, motion passed.
  • Sue motion to accept Debbie Morton to the FACT Board, Second -Ray Linebaugh. All in favor, motion passed.

Honorary Board Members – Jennifer-Motion to accept the Honorary Board member policy and qualifications and have a committee formed to meet and vote on the members, and set a limit per year. Second-Carolyn. All in favor, motion passed.

Fundraising Committee

Concessions – Marc will order. We will be set for Junktique. Confirmed, no alcohol sales (too risky with people coming and going). Coffee and donuts in morning, soda water, popcorn, candy afternoon.

Junktique –

  • Oct 2-3 – Six vendors/Eight tables plus Rialto. Jennifer will contact volunteers to help over weekend.
  • Larry Baker 6-7pm Friday night, will unlock to let vendor in
  • Saturday- AM 7:30am-12:30pm: Debbie, Jennifer, Martie
    PM 12:30pm-5:30pm: Sue, Martie, Carolyn, Debbie
  • Sunday: AM 7:30am-12:30pm Wendy(?), Jennifer
    PM 12:30pm-5:30pm Carolyn, Sue

Steam Punk Ball –

  • Oct 9, 10 am–Volunteer day to set the tables and chairs, and clean up from Junktique. Ron will be at the theater with volunteers to set up.
  • 10 tables, spacing for 8 people at each table.
  • That evening: Jennifer, Marc (?), Martie–Run concessions and security. 5-10pm

Front Range Big Band –

  • October 10, 1pm-5pm –set up chairs at 1pm, concert starts at 3pm. Sue, Debbie, Jennifer, Marc (any volunteers) will work this whole day.

Production Committee

FCT – Odd Couple –

  • Oct 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24; Increase price? Schedule Concessions
  • original contract with Nancy states that for the $1200 fee, the Rialto just needs to be open for the last 2 weeks of rehearsals and to get the set ready. FCT has requested use of furniture and flats. Board discussion about increasing rate from $1200 to $1500 for use of materials. Jennifer Motion to increase fees and present to FCT for confirmation. Second-Debbie. All in favor, no discussion. Motion passes.

Green Room Update – Ray, moving along. Getting drywall next to frame the green room. He will need about $500 to $600 for the drywall. NO insulation is needed. The fire stop install will suffice for insulation. Bathroom has been approved, he will get the bathroom completed soon, then the rest of the area.

FHS Band Concert Fundraiser – Jennifer –working with Megan Nelson about numbers. We can seat about 100 to 150 at tables for dinner, they need 200 to 250. May need to have 2 separate seating times to eat.

Paranormal request date change from October 29–change date to OCT 23 10-12 midnight–Sue and Carolyn can be here for it. 10pm-midnight. Right after Odd Couple.

Living Word Four Square Church Community Sing – Sue –getting it together more info. Has $100 donation already, will let us know when the rest is in and what dates they decide on.

Printer/Copier Donation – Jennifer –no longer available.

Curtain – Ray –Jennifer made a Motion to let Carolyn go ahead and purchase the curtain after confirming that the bills are covered and we have the extra funds. Second-Debbie. All in favor, motion passes.

Volunteer Committee

  • Sue Haws will take over.

New Business Items

  • Halloween Trick or Treat – Main Street Oct 31, 5-7pm – Jennifer will hold a candy drive to get candy donated for Halloween.

Next Board Meeting Date – October 11, 2021 – 8:12pm Meeting Adjourned