Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, October 25, 2021 6:06pm
Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn, Debbie, Sue Haws, Lloyd Harwood, Larry Baker
Absent – Marc Baluch, Ray Linebaugh
Guests – Marti LaCasse
Approval of Minutes: October 11, 2021 – Jennifer motion to accept the minutes, Second – Lloyd, all in favor, motion passed

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

  • Carolyn presented September financial statements.
  • We have about $7,700 as of today, after outstanding checks clear.
  • The September statement was very detailed and broken out in categories.
  • We need to track BOD volunteer hours outside of the Rialto, hours spent working at home on Rialto business.
  • In-kind contributions were explained, such as web-hosting or discounted services from businesses.
  • We now have more data on concessions accounting, currently looks like 63% of revenue is used for supplies, 37% is profit.
  • More data will result in a better picture of profitability of concessions.
  • An accounting of the income/expenses associated with the concerts this year was presented. Profits were slim. We discussed
  • the non-monetary benefits of the concerts.
  • Carolyn would like to require only one signer on checks, this would require a change to the by-laws.
  • Officers signed a letter to the bank to add all current officers as valid signers.

Grants – Martie

  • Martie gave an update on the status OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant. The deadline is Dec 1st.
  • Martie was provided with a Vision Statement and scope of work with estimated costs. She is trying to coordinate with the
  • Florence Hotel owners for the joint submission.
  • It was suggested we add Solar panels as part of the grant request for energy tax credits. The Vision Committee had already included that.

General Discussion Items and action as necessary

Ron presented the following Roles & Responsibilities

  • Fundraising Committee (non production)

    Current Members: Ron, Marc, Lloyd
    Projects – Concessions; Yellow Tube

  • Production Committee (stage/lights/sound)

    Current Members – Jennifer, Sue, Ray
    Responsibilities – Contract, budget, primary POC, calendar coordination, theater logistics with vendors

  • Vision Committee

    Current Members – Ron, Jennifer, Sue, Marc, Ray, Deb
    Status – Scope of Work for OEDIC grant application, partnership with Florence Hotel
    Priorities – submitted to Martie

  • Volunteer Coordinator – Sue

    Multi-functional (all events need volunteers and trained as necessary)

A discussion was held about the difference between a Fundraising event and a Production event. Jennifer stated that Production events need the stage for an extended time, while Fundraising events are more in line with renting the theater. There is some overlap and gray areas because some Fundraising events will require stage/lights/sound support. Ron suggested that we designate a primary POC for each event/rental so there isn’t any confusion.

There was some confusion this past weekend for the “Odd Couple” production when 2 volunteers who were scheduled for Sunday were unable to attend due to illness.
Sue will need to make sure there are enough volunteers, with the right training/skillset available for all events, and standby volunteers if needed.

Martie suggested we need an advertising committee.
Martie has been POC for print advertising but has been too busy with grants, so Sue will help with print.
Jennifer creates banners, flyers, then sends out.
Martie/Sue will handle print/radio, Deb will handle online stuff. It was decided we do not need a separate committee for advertising.

Policies / Procedures

Concessions –

  • Deb wrote up and revised a checklist for opening, closing, etc. Carolyn wanted to make updates, especially to Closing procedures.
  • Ron suggested we establish a policy to use general operating credit card for purchases; do not take cash out of drawer.
  • We need to order all future alcohol purchases from our distributor. We are limited to $600/year in independent alcohol purchases and we are close to that now.

Insurance –

  • Ron – Any vendor who rents theater on contract needs special event policy for number of days rented naming FACT – Rialto as additional insured
  • Jennifer- Can we see if KC can upgrade our policies to include liability for rentals.
  • Ron – if we split tickets then ours covers it, pageant needs to purchase special event insurance
  • Mike Patterson told KC that upper level was storage only, so mis-information to insurer.
  • Jennifer – suggested we contact Matt Webb, Ron suggested we do this when the policy is nearing renewal next April.
  • Suggestions were made for local insurance organizations to consult when we need to renew policy.
  • Ron – Status of occupancy of upper level – insurance jury is still out – no reading from underwriter, still awaiting answer from KC.
  • ACTION – Find out from Florence Building Inspector minimum requirements for upper level Certificate of Occupancy
    Larry will work with building inspector to see what we need for a CO for staff and workers upstairs, no audience.

Old Business –

Storage Space – Ron –

  • Three unanswered queries to owners of vacant lot.
  • Possible storage rental space in strip center to the west; space is for rent – Property Management Company contacted about rental costs and square footage
  • ACTION – Ron to continue to purse both options – we need storage space, especially when we start working on the upstairs.

Update on paranormal events – Ron –

  • Underwriter said paranormal investigations are considered haunted activities and we do not have insurance for haunted activities.
  • My personal feeling is that if the question would have been asked 6 months out from October (Halloween) it might not have been a problem.


Halloween Trick or Treat – October 31 – Main Street

  • Status of candy drive – Jennifer – She has 6 bags and hopes for more. Flyers were distributed at Harrison school.
  • Sue has decorations and will hand out candy, Jennifer may come, Martie may come. Sue has fog machine and blow-up monster. Larry will help get power cord to the front.
  • Trick-or-treat is 3:30 – 6:30pm on Sunday October 31st along Main Street.

November is wide open

  • Bands – Red curtain series
    Nov 19th is Sixty Degrees.
    Ben Young band would like to come Nov 12th Friday. Ron suggested we need 2 weeks for promotions. Jennifer will try to finalize.
  • Pageant is 14th (Sunday), concessions 12-3pm, have theater from 8-5. Jennifer will show lights and sound to pageant director. Jennifer – need workday to prep.

December – Salida Circus – “Toys Come Alive” – Jennifer will contact them and negotiate, if they build a new show then it will cost too much to have them and we will lose money.
Witness and the Judge –Move to April
FHS Band Concert Fundraiser –May 2022 – Still awaiting information on rental equipment.
Living Word Four Square Church Community Sing – Sue wants a date in January 21 (Friday prefer) or 22.
Jeremy Shingleton wants 3rd week-end in December for his production. Production Committee will work with him.
Production Meeting – will be held Saturday Oct 30, 10-2, Jennifer will send invite.

Schedule 2022

  • Jan 21, Living Word Community Sing with Sue
  • Kathy will do something in February, Fools or Clue. Production committee will work on it.
  • Sue has her production “Onion Rings”, date TBD.
  • Possibly Jennifer will have “Princess What’s-Her-Name” in February, only $95 to produce one-night show. Currently she’s working on this with her drama kids at school.
  • Possible Valentines event
  • Talent Show June – dates TBD

New Business Items

Side fire doors – Ron left messages for contractor who installed (Rusty Spiller- Big Pine Construction) – no call backs
ACTION –Larry will have his door guy look at these.

West wall – Ron – Site visit by Allan Kniesley (Coal Creek Trading – Florence) who performed tuck point on building. Retired from projects involving brick, masonry – lack of skilled labor force. Advised to seal entire outside west wall as moisture (snow, rain is wicking up the inside of brick); need to seal bottom edge where brick meets the asphalt. Problem also exists on east wall not to same degree but needs to be sealed to prevent moisture entering and degrading plaster. Until we seal and prevent will continue to be a problem. West wall needs sealing 6-8’ high. Brick wall sits on concrete footers which can be seen on the inside. Footers are below the outside elevation due to several layers of asphalt over the years.
ACTION – Ron will pursue someone to do this, priority before winter.

Communication – Deb
We need to be mindful of the “to” list when we reply-all to emails or group texts.
It is easy to end up sending emails with BOD discussion to volunteers, and/or not include BOD members when they were not part of the original “to” list.
Just take a moment to review before sending. Carolyn suggested that a members-only Facebook group might be an effective way to communicate.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – November 8, 2021 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:01 pm

Respectfully Submitted,
Debbie Morton, Secretary