Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, November 8, 2021 6:01
Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn Solseth, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Marc Baluch
Absent – Lloyd Harwood, Larry Baker, Ray Linebaugh
Guests – Marti LaCasse
Approval of Minutes: October 25, 2021, Debbie made a motion to accept, Ron seconded, all in favor, motion passed

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

  • Carolyn explained what she sent, pointed out our monthly run rate is about 2k, balance is going down, she will provide per-event profit/loss going forward.
  • Carolyn asked about the guy who was interested in purchasing one of the antique projectors.
  • Sue’s son James will do more research on the projectors.
  • Bill for membership for League of Historic Theaters – $325.
  • Bill for $200 for Canon City shopper and Daily Record – no one knew what it was for. Carolyn will call them to find what the bill is for
  • Signature cards are signed and ready, Carolyn will return to bank.

Grants – Martie

  • Status OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant – Deadline December 1, 2021
  • Martie talked to Keith W. who works with the hotel folks. He was apologetic that he hasn’t gotten anything to us, Martie may have something tomorrow.
  • Jen asked if the partnership might continue beyond the grant to help each other promote both businesses.
  • We have gotten several letters of support.
  • If Martie can’t get anything from the hotel, she will contact Unbridled again for other options.

General Discussion Items and action as necessary

Status of occupancy of upper level – Ron

  • It is ok to use for board, volunteers, cast, and crew per insurance company. We can’t have audience. Haunted Activities are still excluded.
  • Larry Baker was absent so we didn’t get an update on the upper level CO requirements.

Storage Space Update – Ron

  • Possible storage rental space in strip center to the west
    The space is for rent – $400 per month plus $100 estimated utilities; 400 sq ft.; month to month lease.
  • Vacant lot behind across the alley –
    Florence realtor called and owner had been contacted by someone from Rialto about the vacant lot. Realtor given my name and contact info. Followed up with a left message to realtor on 11/3. 11/4 realtor replied that she will try to contract the owner for a temperature check – may not be ready to consider lease; might consider selling if the price is right.
    The owner is dealing with personal issues at this time and has plans to build a building on the lot. The owner might be willing to lease part of building after it is built. No timeframe was given for this building.


Florence Main Street Halloween Trick or Treat – Sue Update

  • It was fabulous, fog machine wouldn’t work, about 5K trick-or-treaters, used almost all candy, article in the Florence Citizen.

Bands – Red Curtain series

  • November 12 – Ben Young Band – not enough time, they haven’t gotten back to Jen.
  • November 19 – 7pm – “60 Degrees” folk music, will be Duo –
    We will have 50/50 ticket split, we keep concessions. Tickets will be $5 tickets.
    We will put out a box for monetary donations.
    Sue will work flyers and get KRLN to do a PSA.
    Jen will print tickets using Red Curtain format. Sue & Ron & Martie & Jen volunteered to work concessions/box office.

November 14 MSCSS Pageant – Jen

  • Jen will buy sheets to drape flats. She bought a staple gun and staples.
  • Saturday 13th dress rehearsal is from 12-2.
  • Sunday we will be open at 8am until 5pm or later. We need volunteers, Ron can open at 8am, Sue can be here at noon, Jen will be here 11-4, Debbie 9am or 9:30am.
  • Event coordinator possibly wants to have cake and punch after 3pm, and we can sell alcohol after 3pm.
  • MSCSS are doing their own ticket sales.
  • Jen will hold a work day Friday 12th 1-4pm to prepare for the pageant. She will contact her own volunteers.
  • Ron will send email to Ray, Milo, others, who could help finish up 13th in the morning.

December 4 – Holiday Music Celebration – Jen Update

  • 1-2:30pm, bring a canned good for admission (check with Florence/Canon City Chamber of Commerce for conflicts), karaoke playing, sheet music
  • Cookies and hot chocolate for sale.

December 10, 11, 12 – Jeremy Singleton/Sue Production – Jen Update
Production Committee wanted to read and approve the script before committing but didn’t read and approve in time.
We may move this to January.

December 10, 11, 12 – Marcie’s children’s show – Jen Update

  • The show will be Dec 10&11 from 6pm-9pm and Dec 12 from 1pm-4pm.
  • Rehearsals will be on Nov 28, 29, Dec 1, 2, 5
  • Rialto will get 15% of ticket sales, Children’s Theater will get 85%.
  • They will sell the tickets, prices are $12/$10.
  • Bill it as “Rialto Presents a FTC Children’s Theater production”.
  • Sue made a motion to accept the 15/85 ticket split and dates, Marc seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

December 18th – Salida Circus Holiday Show – Jen

  • The shows will be on 1 day, 2 shows per day.
  • They will require 2 night’s accommodations.
  • Ray is working on a spot that is an Airbnb. He is trying to get those nights comped.
  • They will add toy elements to shows they already have prepared instead of creating a new show.
  • The proposal is to split ticket sales 30% to Rialto, 70% to Circus. Tickets will be $15/person.
  • They will send promo material.
  • They would like to put jugglers on the balcony, they are fully covered by their own insurance.
  • Debbie made a motion to approve 30/70 split, Sue seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

November 23 –
Ray wants to host a BD party Nov 23rd at the Rialto – he wasn’t at the meeting so we will discuss it with him when he’s available.

Schedule 2022

January 7 – Request for Charlotte Heneger Birthday Party – “40 and Fabulous”

  • She will get special event insurance, instead of paying rental fee, she would donate her backup sound system for 1yr.
  • She would have a show from 7pm to 10 or 11pm, 4 Drag Queens. 200 invited guests only.
  • The event planner will control security, tickets and admission.
  • We will have concessions. Marc suggested the concession workers could dress in drag.
  • Marc made a motion to accepts Charlotte’s proposal, Debbie seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.
  • Ron says we may try to get the Drag Show to stay an additional day for $1200 + 50% tickets. We couldn’t afford that, but suggested we try to negotiate.
  • Jen motion to accept goal of 40% for Rialto/60% for performers split, but authorized to accept 30/70 split, $20 ticket price.
  • Marc seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

January 21 – Living Word FourSquare Church Community Sing – Sue
This is ready to go, $200 rental charge, 4pm-8pm, still talking about whether we will sell concessions.

February – Kathy Herrin will be directing “Fools”

  • The board needs to approve purchase of the production rights for about $1k. Marc suggested we need to put efforts into getting local businesses to sponsor productions. Debbie offered to sponsor Fools.
  • Kathy requested 50/50 split on ticket sales for Harvest Players.
  • Discussion on costs and splits, Carolyn would like to see budget beforehand.
  • Debbie proposed 60% for Rialto/40% for Harvest Players split to help cover cleaning costs and extra utilities for rehearsals.
  • Marc motion to accept 60/40 split if possible, authorized to 50/50 split. Debbie seconded the motion.
    All in favor, motion passed.

April – Witness and the Judge –

  • Ray Linebaugh will be putting it on 8, 9, 10, 15, 16. We haven’t talked about a contract yet.
  • Ray wants donation only admission which will go to Ray’s production company and ministry. We sell concessions.
  • Ray wasn’t at the meeting to discuss further.

Marc saw a posting on FB that asked about theater that would host burlesque show, gave Jen’s contact email.

We will talk about productions scheduled for after April at next meeting.

New Business Items

Did anyone read the insurance policy? – Debbie did. Ron discussed other options and agents, perhaps in February.
We are considered a Bar/Tavern on our Liquor License Insurance because there isn’t another option based on sales.

Ron suggests we only use licensed, bonded, insured on renovations. The liability of using uninsured workers is too great. Board agrees.

Jen asked if anyone knows a Santa for Dec 4th, Marc knows a guy.

Ron goes in for bypass on Dec 1, Jen will run meetings for December.

It was discussed that we could get Savannah Chestnut as a performer on Jan 14th. The cost would be $900 contract, plus rider.
We would sell tickets for $15 per person and keep all ticket sales and concessions.
Jen made a motion to accept “Savannah Chestnut” Friday night show for Jan 14th, $900 contract plus rider, no split.
Ron seconded the motion. All approved, motion passed.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – November 22, 2021 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:18 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Morton, Secretary