Martie LaCasse requested the board members arrive at 5:30pm to talk to Byron Elliott about the OEDIC Grant that they have been working on.

Grants – Martie

Martie introduced Byron Elliott who working on the OIDEC Grant. Byron is going to present the joint project/grant to Florence City Council tonight to get approval for the proposed master plan.

Byron – discussion started with Rialto because of OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant.
Byron has a property in Westcliffe that made it thru first round, so he is confident that we can do something in Florence.
There are a number of factors that need to be included in a successful grant application.
The Grant looks for: shovel ready jobs, cultural component, economic component, spaces for artists, musicians, culinary, keeping with historic look and feel of town, and tying in with the city master plan (master plan needs to address parking). Byron has a plan to address parking, but needs a cultural component, so we can work together to benefit the Rialto and the Hotel.

This project would be within the purview of the OEDIC grant and tie in with the hotel work.
Byron has a master plan to present to council tonight. Byron and his architects will review our estimates and work them into their grant.
If there are other things downtown to add to the grant, that would be OK.
Parking is an issue that needs to be dealt with.
There would be a 2-phase approach: Phase 1 would be everything in the Rialto, and sidewalks, Santa Fe land that could be thoroughfare, 2 parcels that are owned by the city (being underutilized), 45 parking spaces; land on southern side owned by senior center that could also be used for parking, and would create walkable and park-able thoroughfare. This benefits the Rialto, the Hotel, and all of downtown.
Phase 2 depends on the outcome of the Plaza development.

Byron suggests there could be storage in the basement of the hotel that the Rialto could use.

Larry questioned whether the property behind us could be available.
Byron was given a letter from BOD concerning Rialto Birthday in 2023 and our desire to get renovations done before then.
Ray Linebaugh asked about the type of rentals that will be available in the hotel. Long-term or short-term rentals. 10 units in Hotel (2-doors down. Ray wants to bring in entertainers and have a nearby lodging option available.
Byron is using PACE as part of his funding. This allows 20yr financing note for solar and energy efficiency improvements.
There are State/Federal historical tax credits, up to 25% from state, 20% from federal, can sell these tax credits for .91 on the $1. Can sell the tax credits after the CO is issued.

January will have quite a bit of the OEDIC grant addressed so the grant application needs to be turned in soon.

Byron Elliott and Martie LaCasse left at this time to attend the Florence city council meeting.

Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, 12/20/2021 5:56pm
Roll Call –Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn Solseth, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Larry Baker, Marc Baluch, Ray Linebaugh
On The Phone – Ron Hinkle
Absent – Lloyd Harwood
Guests – Marti LaCasse, Kay Linebaugh, Byron Elliott
Approval of Minutes: Nov 22, 2021 – all in favor, motion passed

Update on West Wall Repointing – Ron

Rod Marquez was given a tour by Sue during the Pageant. She showed him the damage to the west all. He examined the exterior of the west wall and told her the brick needs repointing. Rod is a qualified stone mason. He said he would donate his time and material, but needs 3-4 helpers. He quoted $1500 for the west wall, ground level up about 6ft, cleaning mortar, resealing, repoint mortar.

Ron contacted Dave and Lynda Lambert of Canon City Signature Mortgage and they agreed to make a donation of $2,000 for the wall project.
The Lamberts will deliver the check on Wed 12/22 at 1:30pm and a photo will be taken.

Ron recommends we bonus the extra $500 to Rod if everything is completed on time, etc.
Rod is prepared to start 12/21/2021 morning.
Rod needs $750 to start, $750 on completion. Carolyn will provide checks.
Jen makes a motion to approve the west wall construction, Sue 2nd, Larry voted no, everyone else voted yes, motion passes.

Ron suggests the marquee be changed promptly.


Popcorn cups–available with The Cleaning Company. 3 sizes, 3 prices
Wine in a box–less waste
Sell glasses in cabinets – discussion was held about getting Rialto logo on glasses and selling them, Jen knows someone who can make the vinyl stickers for the glasses.
Sue makes a motion that we pursue getting labels for their glassware, Marc 2nd, all in favor

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn sent out Nov financial statements in email.
As of right now we have $3200 in the bank.
Most big bills in Dec have been paid, just need to squeak by until February.
Carolyn will do more analysis on what events make money.

Fundraising Committee –

Current members are: Ron, Lloyd, Marc, Sue

Ideas for fundraising are needed.
Debbie has sent out an end of year email blast asking for donations.

Marc suggests a Golf tournament fundraiser in May – Canyon Signature Golf Class benefitting the Rialto Theater (sponsored by the Lamberts).

Bob Weir of Frady Catz has offered to perform a fundraising concert for free. This fits in with our Red Curtain Concert series. Jen will finalize. Admission would be $5.
Marc makes motion to have Bob Weir perform a concert, 2nd by Ray, all in favor motion passed.

Marc wants to do Guitars as Art on Jan 22nd –
Marc is looking for a sponsor, he envisions this as 3 guys talking and playing guitars.
Marc wants Jan 29th as fallback due to weather. $20 admission. Marc has to consider tables and chairs, or just chairs.

Front Range Big Band – Saturday April 30th
Discussion was held about banner prices, Carolyn pointed out that FRBB lost money because of food for band and banners.

Witness & Judge on April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16

Living Word Foursquare Church Community Sing is Friday 22nd

Humane Society adoption event -OCTOBER –
They made 60k and we hope to partner with them. People drank a lot during the evening.

Film Festival –
Steve Kurtz contacted us about doing a Film Festival at the Rialto. Steve is currently programming films for the Breck Film Festival and the Boulder International Film Festival – Ron will get more info

Production Committee –

Current members are Jen, Sue, and Volunteers

“Diamonds & Studs” Event Cancelled
We considered if we might do an amateur night for Drag to replace the Jan 8 “Diamonds & Studs” event.
Consensus was No. We would like to wait for Diamonds & Studs at a future date.

“Clue” –
Production committee is considering doing “Clue” in the spring. Possible sponsor search to pay the $1525 license fee needed. (Mid-June, after talent show)
Kathy Herrin will direct “Clue”. She can reuse many sets from Fools. Cast includes 11 men and 8 women. All profit would go to the Rialto (no splits).

Fool’s update:
Kathy Herrin is splitting the gate 50/50. We keep concessions.

Jack has asked for his dimmers and LEDs back.
He would be willing to sell them to us for $300.
Our lights won’t work if the dimmers are removed.
Larry offered to pay the $300 but wants to know what we are getting for that. A new dimmer would be $169, plus LED lights.
Marc motion we pay Jack with Larry’s money, Deb 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.

FCT Children’s Holiday show update –
Marcie will be giving us $500 from the admissions.

Green Room Update – Ray
The sink is in downstairs, the water is running. We have room for a small water heater.
The lights are up, there is a dimmer on the big light in Green Room.
Ray wants to put up a wall of mirrors with bench seating.
Ray has request for $200 for the guy who did the electrical and step lights. Carolyn suggested he give us a bill/invoice showing how much was a donation and how much needed to be paid.

Other Productions:
A Night of Broadway- SOON?
Witness and the Judge-APRIL
Summer Children’s Theater Camp -JUNE/JULY
Arsenic and Old Lace-OCTOBER

Other Business:

EOY Ask:
This was added to the meeting minutes as a matter of record but this item was not specifically discussed during the meeting.
Ron drafted a “Letter from the President” asking for donations. This letter was posted on our Facebook page, and sent out in an email blast using Mailchimp (422 subscribers, 187 opens).
As of the 12/23, Carolyn reported several small donations came in from Paypal, along with several donations received by snail mail:
Milo Cress – $500
Mary Jo Cline – $100
Steven Cleveland – $30

Motion to adjourn, 7:07 pm
Next meeting Jan 10th

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary