Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, February 15, 2022 6:05pm
Roll Call – Ron Hinkle, Jennifer Bowers, Carolyn Solseth, Debbie Morton, Larry Baker, Marc Baluch, Ray Linebaugh

Absent – Sue Haws
Guests –
Approval of Minutes: January 24, 2022 – Jen made a motion to accept the minutes, Second by Ray, all in favor, motion passed

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn reviewed the budget for Honey-Do compared to actuals. We way overestimated attendance and need for desserts. We need to learn from this.
Carolyn updated cash flow thru April including projections for performances.
Sue wants to do FCHT in April.
Carolyn suggested we need to talk about performances when they begin to exceed budget.
Carolyn asked about CSAC music licensing, which is due.
Jen shared information about music licensing:
We only paid $189 for CSAC and it has run out, it does not carry over.
Music Licensing from BMI license carries over year-to-year if we have excess, it is charged based on performance/usage.
ASPAC we have only used a small amount and it carries over.
Jen has been reporting our attendance to the licensing agencies and they deduct based on usage.
Marc is going to ask Terry to re-up for CSAC license.

Grants – Martie

Status OEDIC Community Revitalization Grant – Tabled because Martie is in Mexico

General Discussion Items and Action as Necessary

February 11 “Honey Do” Valentine’s Day Friday Concert – recap
We had about 60 people show up. Levi Pollard did a radio spot on KRLN.
We bought too many cupcakes and cheesecake. The excess was purchased by various board members at cost.

February 18,19,20,25,26,27- “Fools” – Ray
The printed tickets have wrong time (6pm instead of 7pm) and the back of ticket has old info from old stock.
Ron said he didn’t realize the tickets had a misprint or the old stock already had printing. Jen put out a FB post with corrections.
Ray wanted to discuss the 50/50 split of the gate, Ray felt the split was very generous to the Rialto.
Rialto is paying for royalty out of our half of the gate, and has also paid for some advertising.
One of the Harvest Player actors paid $1500 for advertising because he felt the ads needed to be started earlier.
Ron stated that KRLN will not run spots until the week before the performance. Ron will check back with KRLN to see why they have that restriction.
Online Crusader had over 500 hits in the first 2 hours of the ad going live.

Because of the advertising done by Harvest Players and the hard work they have done, Jen suggested we change split to 60 Harvest/40 Rialto.
Marc suggested we table the split discussion until after the performance and we have firm income numbers from gate.
Jen will be backstage and stage manager.

Sue was not at the meeting due to illness and did not provide volunteer assignments for Fools.
The Board agreed on the following volunteer assignments for the first weekend:
Mandy from FCT is doing box office for all 6 performances.
Carolyn will work Friday & Saturday, Ron will be here all 6 nights,
Deb will work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of first week.
Tickets will be collected by Haley and Trevani.
Marc will work the following Friday and Saturday, will check his availability for Sunday.
We should be here at 5:00 for concessions due to the misprint on the tickets stating showtime at 6pm.

Ray indicated that he needed to leave early and asked if there were any other items that needed voting on.

Marc presented a letter of interest from Martie LaCasse to become a board member.
Marc made a motion that Martie be a member of the board. Jen 2nd the motion.
All in favor, motion passed.

Ray also gave a green room update at this point.
Most of the work is done. The floor is patched and level. The mirrors are up.
We still need a black curtain to go all the way across. There are 2 makeup tables.
We lack a hot water tank under sink. The sink is being used.
We need closed circuit TV and camera to help actors follow the on-stage activity.

Marc mentioned that he’d heard there a show written about the Rialto.
Sue had told Marc that the writer’s husband is upset with the Rialto and will never let it be performed.
The board needs to meet with the writer to see if this can be resolved. Marc wants to be in that meeting. Ron & Marc will work on it.

March 4 – Red Curtain Concert – Frady Catz
The Event Proposal and Budget have been submitted.
Saturday March 4, 10am is the work date to reset auditorium round tables. Some discussion was held as to whether this was necessary because it is a lot of work.
There is no cost for band. We will charge $5 admission, estimated $250 admission (based on 50 attendees), plus concessions.
We won’t use chair covers for Frady Catz.

FCHT – Jen updated
Sue wants early April, April 8th or 15th. Sue wants 1 night performance.
Deb suggested a Friday night and Saturday Matinee to allow more attendance and concessions.
We will discuss this at the next meeting when Sue is present.

April 22 – Four Square Community Sing – Sue –
Flat $200 rental fee, we can sell concessions but not alcohol. This is still scheduled.

April 30 – Front Range Big Band – Ron
Event Proposal/Budget – will be submitting 2/28 meeting.
We will charge $10 admission. The band gets 5% of the gate + $100 travel + pizza from Dominoes.

Mid May Golf Tournament – Marc –
Marc will pursue.

FJHS Band Fundraiser – Early May (7 or 14) or April 23 – Jen
Jen had questions from Justin. He is looking for Saturday in late April or early May. This will be a jazz dinner event.
How many people can attend? They usually have 200-250. Ron thinks we can get 200 tables/chairs using long tables.
Do they need to rent tables/chairs? How many do we have? Ron will check inventory. We only have about 150 folding chairs.
They will likely have to rent tables and chairs.

Late May – Clue
Kathy Herrin may not direct, Jen would take over directing if Kathy is unavailable.
$1525 rights/royalties, scripts and materials.
It has 11 male cast members and there was concern we couldn’t get enough cast members even if females played the male roles.
We can get a full refund if we don’t get the cast and we don’t perform.

Summer Children’s Theater Camp – June/July
Jen is talking to Marcie with FCT about taking this over.

Arsenic and Old Lace – October
Still planned for October.

New Business Items

Breck Film Festival Proposal –
We received an inquiry via the website.
We don’t have film equipment or a screen. Ron will find out more info.
Ron gave heads up to Lee Allbright (local filmmaker) about a possible film festival.

Local Film Festival –
Marc wondered if there are improv or local movie makers where we could have a Fremont County Film Festival. A discussion was held about that idea.

Insurance Review Committee Update – Ron
Ron received an email from agent Kevin Sullivan. He thinks we are under-insured and would write the policy for 1.5M. Carolyn also felt that we were under-insured.
Ron received a similar email from Benjamin Mitchell stating that he thought we were under-insured, both in building value and contents value.
Ron will get back to LHAT person. Current insurance cost is about 4k/year.

Bylaws Committee – Ron
Nothing done on it now. They By-Laws can only be changed at the annual March meeting.
Ron suggested we should be allowed to change them whenever.
Jen pointed out that we have to file with the IRS & State when we change the By-Laws.

SOCOSS Pageant – Ron
Late summer

Archive Assist – Tabled – Ron
The Burlesons brought this program on board to provide archival info to the Florence Archives. Martie would be knowledgeable about this.

Community Relations Liaison –Ron
Fran Black was suggested at a possible representative to attend meetings and provide updates to us.

Honorary Board Member – Jerry Robinson
Jerry donated quite a bit in the past. Ron will contact him. Jen suggested we table this until we have a better idea about what this program would be.

Janitorial Service –
Janitorial service will wet-mop the floors after events. Jen has the original contract which includes dry-mop and wet-mop various areas.

Jen is moving –
Her husband is in Richmond, VA. He took the dogs. The house is sold. Jen will not be leaving until June, hence she’d like to get “Clue” done.
Jen wants to have “Clue” done by the end of May. May 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29
Jen is looking at substitutes to run the children’s programs.
Jen suggests we bring the Rialto Players back so we can put on productions ourselves.
Carolyn expressed that Jen leaving will leave a big hole. Carolyn asked Jen to suggest someone to take over/help with the production side of things.
We need a replacement for Jen that can liaison with FCT and Harvest. Jen will be looking for someone.

Jen took this opportunity to share some thoughts about the Rialto and Board.
Jen thinks some things need to change with the leadership and micro-managing. This includes many multiple group text messages. We need delegation and then let people do their jobs.
Ron suggested that an election is coming up.

Annual Meeting
A discussion was held as to how the annual meeting is conducted. How are candidates nominated?
When will the meeting be held? Deb read the By-Laws and stated the meeting is the 3rd week of March.
Jen stated that there are 2 meetings on the same night: the regular meeting and the meeting to elect the officer.

Renovation/Grant –
Carolyn pointed out that if we get the OEDIC Grant we will have to go dark during the reno. We need money to cover our expenses during that time since the grant won’t cover those costs.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – February 28, 2022 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:04 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary