Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, April 12, 2022 6:00pm
Roll Call – Carolyn Solseth, Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Larry Baker, Jennifer Bowers, Ron Hinkle, Marti LaCasse, Ray Linebaugh

Absent – Sue Haws
Guests – Fran Black – Volunteer position as Community Liaison

Approval of Minutes: March 28, 2022 – Ron made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Jen, all in favor, motion passed

Board President Remarks – Community Relationships

Carolyn talked about taking this year and trying to do the normal stuff plus do strategic stuff. First thing is community relationships. Gnomadic Adventure was a great start. There were not as many people as Levi thought there would be, Carolyn said 30-40. Carolyn thought we had good conversations. Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran is interested in sponsorship or using our theater for events (she’s an event planner). Jen is hoping for about $1,500 sponsorship for Clue so she can do all the sets and stuff. Carolyn will give Amy a contract, but she’ll ask for pricing and we don’t have anything solid. Bare minimum is $250.

Pathfinder is charging $250 for their event room, and another $150 for the kitchen. FJHS Band backed out of using the Rialto because Pathfinder could do it cheaper and fit all the guests and catering space. Marc would like to ask the FJHS band to do a concert here with their Solo & Ensemble people. Pathfinder will be a big competitor for events.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Year-end financials sent 4/10/22 – No questions
Cash Balance as of 4/12/22 – $5,200
For 2021: Revenue of 61k, net income $8,400.
Previous years:
2018: 58k revenue, net income 27k
2019: 33k revenue, lost about $500
2020: 38k revenue
Carolyn sent the check register via email because she pays with ACH so no co-signer is required and she wanted the board to see the transactions.
Bylaws say officers are to be check signers, and we only have 3 officers. That can cause issues when checks are needed. Carolyn will get Marc added to the signers list.

Gnomadic event-
$96 concessions and $127 donations plus $250 from HoneyDo. We will add HoneyDo as a sponsor to Clue. Jen needs an additional $300 for music. We can add HoneyDo logo to flyers.
Good networking, Royal Gorge Chamber Executive director stayed and talked to Ron.


Gates Family Foundation (Martie)
Gates contacted Martie and wants to do a site visit. Martie is working on details, sometime in next couple of weeks.

Partnership with La Plaza Inn (Carolyn)
Martie got a call from Keith Wylie who is a tax credit expert. He was involved with OEDIC. He asked if we would we consider being a pass-thru partnership with La Plaza Inn. Basically, the money would be our grant, we would loan it to La Plaza Inn, then someone buys the loan back. If the money goes thru a non-profit they save taxes, we get interest on the loan. Martie needs to do more research. Martie asked the state if we could do that and they said “we don’t like you to do that”. There is concern that this money comes from the same grant agency so could affect our OEDIC. We would also likely have to pay taxes on any income from the loan interest since it is “non-program”. The entire board isn’t comfortable with this plan and we’d like to wait for the OEDIC grant.


Front Range Big Band – 4/30 (Ron)
Everything is looking good. Radio spots start this coming Monday. $250 with KRLN, they will match $250. They have to split with Star Country for the ads. On Monday 25th, morning line program at 8:30am, Rock from FRBB will do a call-in. Ron has the play list. Anyone who wants to come should join Ron. A Crusader ad is $10 for first 1000 hits. Charlotte hasn’t heard from Gregory Carleson whether we’ve hit that or not. After we reach 1000 hits, she will give us a call. We will have a free ad on Thursdays in CCDR this week and next. CCDR still has hard-copy papers. Florence Citizen is all online. Dinner at Two Sisters for the band is still planned. Ron will take new properly printed tickets and see how her sales are going. FB boosts will start tomorrow with a budget of $25.

FJHS Band Fundraiser – 5/7 (Jennifer)
They chose to do this at Pathfinder due to a lower overall cost and better setup for their needs. Pathfinder could fit all the guests and also has catering space. Jen would like to get a price sheet from Pathfinder.

Clue – 5/20 – 5/22 and 5/27 – 5/29 (Jennifer)
$3,200 would be complete budget, which includes $1,638 for scripts, $1,000 for set/props, $250 for marketing, advertising, tickets and programs. Jen expects FB sharing and word-of-mouth will get most of our sales. Jen needs to get the music packet for purchase. Jen is looking for cheaper options. Ray thinks Jen needs to purchase the music. He thinks the set construction costs will be less. It was suggested that we should use the HoneyDo donation from Gnomadic Adventure to purchase the music. We may find others who would be willing to sponsor some of our ads. We need a program sponsor fee sheet. Marc will come up with a price sheet and sign-up form for businesses. Jen needs sponsor ad info 2 weeks in advance to get the program put together. May 6th deadline for program sponsorships.

Tom Bruno talked to someone about Dinner Theater for “Fools”. Marc talked to him. Tom would like to buy 40 tickets at a discount and sell them as a meal package. He would like to buy 40 for $10 each. First Friday and Saturday.
Jen makes motion to set up dinner and ticket with Tom Bruno, Ron 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.
Deb will make tickets and finalize flyers.

Fremont County Has Talent – 6/4 (Sue)
Sue wasn’t at the meeting. No one has any updates from her.

Summer Children’s Theater Camp – June/July (Jennifer)
This is not going to happen.

Arsenic and Old Lace – October (????)
Kathy Herrin, Clare Anderson, Ray Linebaugh, Marcy & Mandy with FCT may want to get involved. They would want a cut. Jen wants to work with other theaters, but we need probably 4 shows a year to keep the Rialto afloat. We discussed this previously and settled on 3 plays per year. The concern is where to get Directors and Producers for these. Ray suggested 2 Rialto plays, 2 plays from other production companies, then fill in with concerts and parties. This play has 3 women and 11 men roles. Marc asked if we can we get local business owners to do the male bit parts.

SOCOSS Pageant – 1st or 2nd weekend in August (Ron)
Still on for 1st or 2nd weekend in August. We don’t have anything scheduled. Ron will contact her and set a firm date. August 13th or 14th (Sat/Sun). She knows about clean-up deposit.

Storyteller Expose – Fall 2022 (Larry)
No discussion.

Sons and Brothers – possible concert (Ray)
Mike Wolking was supposed to do God & Country Music festival on July 2nd in Centennial park, but then they are doing a tent revival on June 10th, so it is too close to Ray’s date, so they will do a later date. This is a fundraiser for something Ray is doing, but we could turn it into a fundraiser for Harvest Players and the Rialto. Tentatively thinking about June 10th, 11th, 12th, or the end of July/early August.

Ghosts in Political Machine – Tom Bruno play (Ron)
Ron will talk to him.

Bob Weir would like to come back.

Bill Emery would like to come back.
He’s open July 1st. Since Florence stuff is likely not happening, maybe we could do that. He charged $300 the first time he came. He would bring 7 people.
Marc makes a motion we accept Bill for July 1st, Jen 2nd the motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Fundraising Update

Golf Tournament – June 25 (Marc)
“Rialto Signature Golf Tournament” – Marc has started talking to sponsors. KRLN Radio may be listed as a sponsor. Food provided by Two Sisters. There will be a band. All at Sumo Golf Course. Maybe $6 for admission to the after party. He may also do a silent auction.

Donation Jars – (Ron)
We didn’t have jars on the tables for Gnomadic Adventures meeting. It would be good to have mason jars that are decorated to put on each table. Ron will work on this.

Project Update

Green Room (Ray)
We need TV and Closed-Circuit. The Green Room needs paint, furniture and a curtain. It still needs an under-sink water heater (less priority that others). Carolyn will order CCTV and donate it, plus flat screen and wall-mount.

Jen asked if she could paint the stage floor with the “Clue” board. She will repaint it black after the play is over. Everyone was ok with this.

Old Business –

Ideas for finding replacement for Jen. (already discussed a bit)

Communication between board members – Please use FB if possible!
Ray needs to create an account. Sue hasn’t accepted. Jen will try to follow-up with her.

Phone – Has voice mail been set up? Jen tried but it doesn’t seem like it worked.

Business Cards –
Carolyn suggested we get business cards printed for the Rialto board members. They could contain our website, phone#, email, and a blank place on the back to put your name. Marc suggested that VistaPrint has good prices. Deb will design and source.

Storage Space – Ron wants permission to talk to Shane next door to use some of his space for a storage container (2 parking spaces north of the ramp), or behind his liquor store where his trash cans are. Fran says there may be an ordinance that disallows storage containers on lots.

The city council election is in August. Marc will talk to Tom Piltingsrud (city manager) about having the debates here.

Ray asked if we could get the flickering auditorium lights replaced, and Jen would like several spot lights re-pointed. Larry will need to bring in his lift.

Larry pointed out what may be new water stains on the west ceiling.

New Business Items

Marquee – need policies and procedures (Health Fair is a no – didn’t have budget)

General Discussion and Ideas
Carolyn thinks in our quest to be a better community partner that we should allow non-profits to use our marquee when we aren’t. Carolyn will write up a policy. We would like to have non-profits, local events, and purchased space.

Ron is changing the Marquee with Clue character names and FRBB playlist.

We need fire extinguisher inspection soon.

Strategic Planning Ideas

Calendar for 4/1/22 – 3/31/23
Types of events
Number of events/month
Rialto as a community partner – how to repair relationships in community?
Friends of the Rialto – can we revive this program?
Red Brick Players – how do we get this started again? Or do we?
Volunteers – need more volunteers!
Rialto as an event center for the community
Partnerships with Harvest Players and FCT. Important to the Rialto!
Organize office and files.
Written policies and procedures.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – April 26 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:04 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary