Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, April 26, 2022 6:04pm
Roll Call – Carolyn Solseth, Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Jennifer Bowers, Ron Hinkle, Marti LaCasse

Absent – Larry Baker, Ray Linebaugh
Guests – Fran Black – Volunteer position as Community Liaison

Approval of Minutes: April 12, 2022 – Jen made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Deb, all in favor, motion passed

Board President Remarks

Sue has resigned from the board due to personal issues. She would like to continue working costumes and props for us.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Cash Balance as of 4/25/22 – $16,700
Carolyn is going on vacation May 8-17. She won’t be readily available.
Marc will be in charge of meeting on 10th.
Thursday May 12th is Florence Merchant’s Association Meeting. Fran will be there. Carolyn asked if anyone else could go? Ron will try to make it.
Fri 13th at Bell Tower is the other Carolyn will miss. Fran will be there.
The new officers signed the new signature sheet for RMBT account.


Gates Family Foundation – Martie
The Gates representative came for a site visit. Jen & Ray were building sets. Ron came, Levi showed up, so she was impressed with the volunteer commitment. Gates probably won’t give the large amount we asked for but she was excited about what she saw at the Rialto. The award will be in late May/early June.

OEDIC- more editing of the revised proposal with Sarah and Byron. The senior center and parking were removed. More focus was put on the Hotel & Rialto. They turned some info in last night. We will have to wait and see.

Other Grants –
Martie has a couple of more little grants for general operating expenses that she’s applied for.

Pass-thru for the Inn
Martie emailed Sarah from OEDIC about how that would impact us, and she said they didn’t really like a pass-thru. The Inn needs a 501c3. Sarah passed the idea to her management they were going to recruit another 501c3 from that part of the state to help the Inn.


Front Range Big Band – 4/30 (Ron)
Marc was concerned that we hadn’t sold enough tickets. He suggested we give away Comp tickets to some sponsors and community members. Ron provided a detailed list of recipients for these tickets.
A total of 51 tickets were given away. Ron will be ticket taker at the event and ask questions about where people heard about us. This can help us out with our marketing in future. Deb pointed out that we have 60+ likes/shares on FB, so we might have a bigger crowd than we expect. Marc, Missy, and Carolyn will work concessions. Deb will work the box office. Jen will make sure Clue stuff is cleaned up by 4pm since they have rehearsal that day. The Band will be here about 5pm. Dinner will be 5:30-6:15 at Two Sisters Restaurant. The show starts at 7pm. Ron suggested we buy plastic table cloths. He will get some from the Dollar Store.
FRBB will get $100 gas money plus 5% of the gate to FRBB plus food at Two Sisters Restaurant.
Rock from the band did half-hour call-in show at KRLN.
We have 2 FB ads running:
one in Fremont/Canon City, $16 budget, 54 clicks, 1498 reach, 2763 impressions, spent 13.44
one in CS/Pueblo, $25 budget, 125 engagements, 1382 people, 1755 impressions, spent 15.78
grand total: 179 clicks, 2724 reach, 4518 impressions, total cost 29.22 (as of 4/29)

Clue – 5/20 – 5/22 and 5/27 – 5/29 (Jennifer)
Program Ads – Ray has started to get sponsors. We agreed on pricing: 1/4pg $100, ½ $150, full $250.
AI) Deb update website to reflect these prices.
AI) Carolyn will update the paper form and provide copies to Jen.
Jen needs the ads 2 weeks ahead for ads to create program.
We will use the Honey Do – $250 donation at Gnomadic Event for Clue sponsorship.
Raymond James – requested that we redo the Fools Ad – still no info about what changes he wants.
Dinner and show – Papa’s Pizza – Ron has delivered the tickets to Papas.
AI) Ron will collect the money for the Dinner&Show tickets from Papas.
Staff – Concessions, box office and ticket takers will be determined at the next meeting.
The board will provide a pizza party on May 2nd for the cast.
AI) Deb Send email blast for Wednesday 4/27 at 5pm and Saturday April 30th 9-1pm for volunteers to help with set construction.
Jen got the music license for the show. Tony is doing lights and sound. Sue is still willing to help with props and costumes.
It isn’t critical that we have CCTV for Clue in the Green Room.
AI) Carolyn will order cameras.
Shower curtains/dressing room curtains are needed for Clue.

Fremont County Has Talent – 6/4

Summer Children’s Theater Camp –

Red Curtain Local Artist Ensemble – Marc – June 4th
Marc envisions having several local artists thru the day. Rocco Carestia and Bob Weir have committed. There are other performers who would be interested. Marc suggests putting a bucket on stage for tips for the performers.
Marc makes a motion that we approve Marc as Benevolent Dictator for the Local Artist Ensemble, Deb 2nd the motion, All in favor, motion passed.

Arsenic and Old Lace – September (????)
Jen wants to buy the rights so we can start advertising. Jen will ask Clare Anderson if she might be interested in directing. Drew Frady is willing to be an “Artistic Director” to mentor a young director. Clare has a degree in theater. McKenzie Konty is the director for the District Drama Club in Canon City. Jen wanted her to run drama club for the summer. Jen will reach out to several people to see if she can find someone to direct this play.
Marc suggested we recruit local businessmen for small walk on roles since this play has a lot of bit parts for male actors.
Sponsorship – $1000 was received from Lloyd Harwood at Harwood Funeral Home.

SOCOSS Pageant – 1st or 2nd weekend in August (Ron) 13th or 14th of August
Still TBD

Storyteller Expose – Fall 2022 (Larry)
Not happening.

Sons and Brothers – possible concert (Ray)
Ray had suggested at the last meeting that this would be a 50/50 split with a charity of Ray’s choice. Marc asked if it is 50/50 do we still want to do? The consensus was that we dos. We will sell tickets.

Ghosts in Political Machine – Tom Bruno play (Ron)
Still a maybe.
AI) Ron will contact Tom about a script.

Melodrama – June/July/August
Jen will check with Pioneer Drama for a melodrama, they are the cheapest. Kathy Herrin has others available.
AI) Jen will see if McKenzie or Clare or Hailey Atkinson might be interested in directing.

Bill Emery – July 1st.
Bill Emery has availability for July 1st. We discussed a ticket price of $5 but will wait until we get results from FRBB to finalize the price. We agreed to pay $300 for the 5-piece band.
AI) Ron will see if they can start at 6pm.
AI) Deb will have flyer to hand out at this Saturday’s performance.

Fundraising Update

Golf Tournament – June 25 (Marc)
Update from Marc – Sumo has 10 more carts, so we can have 20 more golfers. $42 for cart, sell for $90, sponsors net 100-300 per hole. Marc is trying to locate a hole-in-one prize car. He is checking with Ford Truck. Two Sisters will do food for the after party. There will be a band, maybe 60 Degrees.

Donation Jars – (Ron)
Already discussed.

Project Update

Green Room (Ray wasn’t here)
We need an exterminator for mice. 2 contractors were mentioned.
AI) Ron will take lead and get bids for an exterminator.

Old Business –

Director position – already discussed

Storage space –
The liquor store is willing to give us space behind his building. He would need an accessory building permit for a storage container. Don Moore and Tom Piltingsrud would support the placement of a container. It would cost $7k-8k for 20’ container.

Marquee – we need policies and procedures about non-Rialto use – Carolyn to do this.

Ideas for finding replacement for Jen. (already discussed a bit)

Phone – Has voice mail been set up? Jen tried but it doesn’t seem like it worked.
AI) Jen will set up voicemail before she leaves.

Business Cards –
Deb brought 500 new business cards for the board. Everyone took some and Carolyn will hold the rest.

New Business Items

Painting party –
Paint colors were discussed. It was recommended that we check historic colors at LHAT.

Board openings –
Carolyn wanted to talk about the process to recruit someone. It gets awkward if we ask them to come to a meeting and submit a letter, then don’t add them to the board. It was suggested we have an informal meeting, like meet for coffee. Marc suggested it was more important to find the right people than to get someone immediately.

Vacations –
Carolyn will be on vacation 5/8/22 – 5/17/22
Deb will be on vacation May 24th, which means she will miss the May 24th meeting. We will decide at the May 10th meeting if we move it to 23rd so Deb can take minutes, or if someone else will take minutes.

Fremont 360 –
Carolyn has info from them. They write a weekly newsletter, have a community calendar and an app. We can be community partner for $250 per year, etc.
Marc makes a motion that we do the $250 per year Community Partner Level. Ron 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.
AI) Ron will contact Laurie of Fremont 360.

We need to be more strategic about where we put flyers.

We should create an Instagram account, and maybe TikTok. We can post up to 1min. of audio without running afoul of music licensing.
AI) Jen will create a TikTok account, make Deb an admin. Deb will create an Instagram account.

It was suggested that we work with retirement or Golden Age center to bring a busload of folks.
AI) Ron will talk to Vets home about bring a busload of residents to our performances at a group rate.

Strategic Planning Ideas

Calendar for 4/1/22 – 3/31/23
Types of events
Number of events/month
Rialto as a community partner – how to repair relationships in community?
Friends of the Rialto – can we revive this program?
Red Brick Players – how do we get this started again? Or do we?
Volunteers – need more volunteers!
Rialto as an event center for the community
Partnerships with Harvest Players and FCT. Important to the Rialto!
Organize office and files.
Written policies and procedures.

Calendar for 4/1/22 – 3/31/23
Types of events

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – May 10 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:06 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary