Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, April 26, 2022 6:03pm
Roll Call – Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Larry Baker, Jennifer Bowers, Ron Hinkle, Martie LaCasse

Absent – Carolyn Solseth, Ray Linebaugh

Approval of Minutes: April 26, 2022 – Ron made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Jen, all in favor, motion passed

Board Vice President Remarks

Marc wants a super efficient meeting. If we need to vote, do it, race thru it.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn emailed April’s statements.
Complete check signer’s paperwork.
Current cash balance $17,600.


Gates Family Foundation – Martie
We really need a budget to apply for grants. We don’t have a 2022 budget. Gates is trying to finalize our request. Our fiscal year just ended. Carolyn will need to provide a general operating budget.
Gates will finalize review of our application this week.
Credit Union of CO – Martie has applied for a general operating grant. They favor human services over arts.

Martie is meeting with Byron tomorrow to submit any outstanding attachments to Sarah.


FRBB survey
Ron presented results of the survey he took from attendees at FRBB. There were 66 attendees total, 20 comps. 18 surveys were completed. Ron handed out results.
Q1) How did you hear about this event?
Daily Record – 4, Shopper – 4, Crusader – 2, Flyer – 8, Radio – 4, Website – 1, FB – 7, Fremont360 – 3, Our Florence – 2, Chamber of Commerce – 2, Mailing list – 0, Word of mouth – 5
Q2) Ticket Price: Just Right – 17, Too Much – 1
Q3) Where do you live?
Florence – 6, Canon City – 8, Pueblo – 3, Penrose – 2
Q4) Online merchandise? Yes – 2, No – 16
We had a brief discussion about the results. They can help us target our advertising budget.

May 2022

Clue – 5/20 – 5/22 and 5/27 – 5/29 (Jennifer)
Jen will come in at or just over budget. They have someone for lights, sound and stage crew. Ron is handling advertising. Jen has 8 sponsors.
Program Ads pricing: 1/4pg $100, ½ $150, full $250.
Staffing for shows – ticket takers, box office, concessions
Everyone provided their availability and Milo is available for several days. Deb will send out an email with a work schedule.
Jen can work the ticket booth before the show and cast members can hand out programs.
Jane Ann and Halie Atkinson are stage crew
We discussed Sponsor and Comp tickets, who and how many. Jen will provide a list and Deb will incorporate those with the online sales list.

June 2022

Red Curtain Local Artist Showcase – 6/4 (Marc)
Marc was pleased because the last couple of performers called and asked to be on the program.
Marc and Ron are still looking for food trucks.
Marc wants to exchange tickets for wristbands to allow easy exit/re-entry. The show will be 12:30-8:45.
We will set up with tables in the back, then rows of chairs and a dance floor at the front.
People at FRBB liked the heavy, more comfortable chairs. We should consider using them for the rows. They don’t really fit properly under the tables.
Ron will print 250 tickets. We will give comp tickets to the performers so they can bring partner/family to the event.
Volunteers for Concessions:
Marc, Missi, Martie (daytime), Ron, maybe Carolyn

Golf Tournament & After Party – 6/25 (Marc)
Sponsors/Volunteers – Marc provided sheet of sponsorships.
Lamberts committed to $3160
All will be at Sumo Golf Tournament
The cost will be $100 per person to golf.
There will be an after-party for non-golfers and golfers at Sumo.
We can have tip jars at the Showcase and have the top tip-getter as the entertainment for the after-party.

July 2022

Bill Emery – July 1st (Ron)
$10 per person admission. Ron will talk to Cynda about food and touch base with her results from the FRBB sponsorship.
Cost is $300 plus dinner for 5 band members. Charlette is doing sound for Bill Emery.

Savannah Chestnut – July 15 (Marc/Charlette)
Savannah has not committed to a date yet. She wants to do one show with her acoustic guitar and talking and a 2nd show with a band. She will do one at the Elks and one at the Rialto. Marc wants to do the solo/talking show and have the Elks do the band. Marc also wants Elks to have the 1st show and we can be the following night. Price might be $800.

Production – Smaller
Little ensemble things, melodramas, edgy stuff. Reach back out to wife of Salida Circus, they have some pre-canned plays. Maybe get some cast companies from Colo Springs, or Pueblo to see if they could come here. We can ask Kathy Herrin after she’s had a month or two off. She has some melodramas that she’s written.

Fall 2022

Arsenic and Old Lace – September (????)
Jen will purchase rights. We need to find a director. Samuel French Playscripts, Concord Theatricals.

SOCOSS Pageant –August 13th (Ron)
Firm commitment. Rental prices. Last year we charged her $500. Ron is executive for this event.

Others Events

Sons and Brothers – possible concert (Ray)
Ray wasn’t here. We need to clarify details. We would want to charge $10 admission.

Rialto to Host City Council Debate(s) – TBD
Marc proposed that we could host all 3 debates and we could sell alcohol. Likely have media from CS/Pueblo. He has been in contact with the city manager and Roger Duncan.
(Note that on May 11, Roger contacted Marc about having the debates on June 1, June 29, and July 13)

Orchards of Hope Fundraiser
Jen was approached by Sierra Tatum to see if she could rent/use the Rialto for a fundraiser for Orchards of Hope on May 15th. We discussed this on FB group and agreed to free/reduced-cost. Jen hasn’t heard anything from Sierra confirming this. Jen will check back with her to confirm.

Old Business –

Painting party –
Colors were discussed. Marc would like to see if we can get Dave McCall at M&M Decorating to do it at a discount.

Red Brick Players – Getting this started again
We need directors. Drew Frady will be “Artistic Director”.
Marc started a discussion in the FB group. He asked everyone to put names of possible directors and members on FB topic so we can start coordinating.
Kayla Mueller is a possibility for director.
McKenzie Konty is a fantastic contact, and she is starting her own summer program. She runs Stage Life for kids after school.

Storage space –
We have permission to put a storage container on the Liquor Store lot.

Fremont 360 –
AI) Carolyn to pay membership fee and join

Phone –
AI) Jen will set up voicemail before she leaves.

Bylaws Committee –
¾ of full board to change bylaws
We may a get copy of FCT bylaws to use as template
Possible committee members:

Jones Theater
We got a contact thru FB from the Jones Theater in Westcliffe asking if we’d like to cross-promote their current play “The Sunshine Boys” and “Clue”. We agreed that would be good. Jen will contact them and handle the promotion.

Summer Program
Tracy Woodson in charge of some summer programs. Tracy has 200k has money to spend on Arts.
She offered to sponsor scholarships for a Rialto kids summer theater program. We don’t have an adult volunteer to be here. The adult could get possibly get a stipend of $25/hour from grant to pay for their time. If we can find an adult willing to take this on, we could do it before or after the Bell Tower summer program.

New Business Items

Vacations –
Carolyn will be on vacation 5/8/22 – 5/17/22
Deb will be on vacation 5/24/22-6/12/22, which means she will miss the May 24th meeting. Deb asked if we could move the meeting to May 23rd, otherwise someone else would have to take minutes.
All agreed that we would move the meeting to May 23rd at 6pm.

Lights –
Jen asked Larry if it was possible to get the spotlights re-pointed before Clue opens so we can get some light to the back of the stage. We also discussed the possibility of getting remote-controlled lighting so we wouldn’t need the lift in future.

We learned that RC Wilkins might be interested in returning in some role at the Rialto. The consensus was that this wasn’t a good idea.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – May 23 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 7:25 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary