Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, July 12, 2022 – 6PM
Roll Call – Carolyn Solseth, Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Larry Baker, Sue Haws, Ron Hinkle, Martie LaCasse,

Absent – Ray Linebaugh
Guests – Fran Black – Volunteer position as Community Liaison
Approval of Minutes: June 14, 2022 –
Marc motion to accept the minutes, Second – Martie, all in favor, motion passed

Board President Remarks –

We didn’t have a meeting on June 28 because we didn’t have a quorum.
We have a lot of stuff to cover tonight, so let’s try to keep it brief.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn emailed the June latest financial reports. Ron asked if there were expenses that we could cut. Carolyn doesn’t see anything obvious. Utilities are the biggest. Deb suggested insulating the ceiling. Carolyn wondered about getting solar.
Sue will contact Atmos and Black Hills Energy to see what options we could do.
Carolyn asked about the facility rentals, how should those proceeds be allocated. Program, Administrative, and Fundraising are our categories. Theater rentals are technically unrelated business income, so we might have to file a separate return and pay taxes.


Gates $35000 Grant (Martie)
Gates worded it as money for renovation. Normally it would be used as a matching grant.
Gates has gone totally digital. Carolyn completed the paperwork online and the money should show up in our account. Deb suggested that we consider doing the hallway between the bathrooms. Elaine Green from Canon City might be a good contact. She did some of that work under Suzanne P. Peg Piltingsrud painted some of the lobby ceiling. Joe Lipus Jr was here during Junktique and he may know where the stencils are for the detailed painting in the lobby. Marc has Elaine’s contact info. Marc suggested we put a drop-ceiling in the fly tower and insulate it.
Marc will contact Elaine Green and Dave Lambert.



City Council Forum – Rescheduled from July 13 -> 20
Ron, Martie can work it. Martie will talk to Sylvia & John to see if they would like to help out.
Charlette will run internet cable and fix the internet on Thursday. Carolyn got a cable. Charlette is taking some of her sound system for the Elks concert.


SOCOSS Pageant – August 13 (Ron)
Contract was sent July 6th in the mail. It hasn’t arrived yet. She will be in town on Friday and Ron can hand-deliver it if needed.

Breckenridge Film Festival (Ron)
Steve Kurtz emailed Ron. He said Breck will like to push this until after the Breck Film festival Sept. 18-19 and do 2022 films. Could we do Saturday October 8? It is a 2hr block of short films. He also was willing to help with a local filmmaker showcase.

September -> December

Kathy Herrin Retirement Party – September 14 (Ron)
No discussion. Ron is still waiting to hear from them.

Westrock Concert (Ron)
Levi Pollack suggested this band after listening to them, played at various local places. Ron contacted them and they would love to do a concert/dance. Swing, western band. Ron asked how much and he hasn’t heard back. August 26/27 would work. August is pretty open.

Wedding Reception Rental – Coyote Ridge – October 1 (Ron & Carolyn)
Gillian contacted Carolyn about renting the theater for a Wedding and Reception. Coyote Ridge is a fairly new event planner in town. She wants the theater from 10am-10pm to decorate and have the event. Ron will tell her $500 for the rental. She doesn’t want concessions open. The couple wants to bring their own alcohol. Marc thinks that we can’t allow that since we have a liquor license. Fran thinks that it isn’t required because it is a private party and the liquor isn’t being sold. Sue pointed out that weddings can get rowdy and the cleaning can get expensive. Carolyn suggested that we add a non-refundable cleaning fee of $150. Gillian says the couple are interested in paranormal and she wanted to do an investigation. Someone would need to be here the entire time. If the upstairs is off limits, we would need to enforce that. Gillian will need to get special event insurance. Marc would like to see our cleaning fee be a deposit instead. Fran supports a separate cleaning fee instead of a deposit.
Deb makes a motion that we charge $500 for rental plus a refundable $250 cleaning fee, Sue 2nd, All in favor, motion passed.
Carolyn will try to find out the answer about alcohol for a private party.

Nanna’s Naughty Knickers (Marc & Sue)
Marc hasn’t heard anything back from Susan Frushour.

No, No, a Million Times No (Sue)
Sue is still working on a melodrama that could be easy with simple sets. Sue thinks we can do a musical without mics.

Witness and the Judge – Dec 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11? (Ray)
Ray isn’t here. He hasn’t sent his proposal.

Christmas Schedule –
Madrigals (Marc)
Nothing yet. Marc will call about the Madrigals.

Bill Emery has a Christmas show he can bring down.

Sue mentioned a Christmas ballet as a possibility. Sue is working with Arah Rossi. Arah and Travanni are Travarah Studio.

Fundraising Update

Golf Tournament – July 16 (Marc)
Marc has 18 hole sponsors. Marc doesn’t have his folder. He sent the list of hole sponsors in the mail.
Marc was going to do prize money. Marc is having a trophy/plaque made with 10 spaces for future events. Food is being catered by Two Sisters, Marc had thought it was $960 but Two Sisters said $19 per person, so she came back with $12 per person. We can fill in with pizza if needed. Marc & the pro will go out on Friday to set up the games. Volunteers need to be there at 7:30am at the latest. Shotgun start – all start at the same time on all 18 holes. Scramble – play best ball. We still need golfers. Signs have been ordered from Peak Printing. Bring a camp chair and a popup tent. Drew Frady is playing. It takes between 4.5-5.5 hours to golf 18 holes. The band will start playing at noon and will play until 2pm. If any non-golfers want to come to the after-party, it is $20. Most games are self-governing so they won’t need a volunteer. Paradise liquor volunteered 2 bartenders for the beer carts.
Lamberts hope the Rialto brings Rialto people to the tournament, and Florence people. We can’t have a raffle without a gaming license. We need silent auction items, $50 or more in value. We need to bring our Square for registration. Marc needs wristbands to control food.

Old Business –

Painting party – we are still interested, but not using the free paint.

Board Opening – no candidates

By Laws Committee (Marc, Ray and Martie)
Marc has a marked-up document of potential changes. He included a level of commitment before they can join the board. Another suggestion was to change to a calendar year instead of a fiscal year. It isn’t worth it to try to change it according to Carolyn.

HVAC – Need repairs

Cooler – Need repairs –
This is urgent, it must be fixed before the next event.
Marc will call Colon Orchards to see who they use for cooler maintenance.

Urinals –
Not working, it was suggested that they may just need new batteries. If anyone gets ambitious between now and next meeting, can they check for batteries.

Inspection of sprinkler system (Ron) – waiting for them to get back to us.

Walkie-Talkies were loaned to Jen for communication, there are 4, the owner will sell them for $60.
Martie makes a motion that we buy the walkie-talkies, Deb second the motion, All in favor motion passed.

New Business Items


Strategic Planning Ideas

Rialto as a community partner – how to repair relationships in community?
Friends of the Rialto – can we revive this program?
Red Brick Players – how do we get this started again? Or do we?
Volunteers – need more volunteers!
Rialto as an event center for the community
Partnerships with Harvest Players and FCT. Important to the Rialto!
Organize office and files.
Written policies and procedures.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – July 26 – 6Pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:06 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary