Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, September 13, 2022 – 6:01 PM
Roll Call – Carolyn Solseth, Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Ron Hinkle, Martie LaCasse,

Absent – Larry Baker, Ray Linebaugh
Guests – TJ & Johnny (local musicians), Fran – Community Liaison

Fran talked about our volunteer program. When she gets here it doesn’t seem to be coordinated, so Fran would be willing to help with this. Sue would welcome the help. Fran would like the initial list, then she would like to hold a training session for popcorn, money, etc. We would need a list of jobs and a list of people and jobs and emails. Fran has a young couple that came to the arts program and she has their names. Sue mentioned the possibility of having a volunteer open house. Deb offered to send out an email blast asking for skillsets and interests. Fran suggested we set a date and maybe have a holiday open house.

JT & Johnny
Marc went to Bell Tower on an open mic night. They discussed how sometimes we overlap events and we need to work better together. Johnny has been running sound for the Bell Tower. TJ does sound when Johnny isn’t there. It seems like we have so many things going on that conflict. Peg and people at Bell Tower changed dates to accommodate acoustic society. But the Canon Acoustic Society is no more. Marc & Ray invaded the Acoustic meeting and suggested that they move their calendar and equipment here. They had a framework agreement. There are 4 major board members and they are split 2-2 on what to do. They have already voted to liquidate their organization and equipment. Johnny also mentioned maybe collaborating with Peg Piltingsrud and the Bell Tower. TJ joined the arts council and participating in the Open Mic night. He took over when previous person left. Canon Rose Acoustic offered slots to local acts before the main event. Introductory acts play for free, main events are paid.
Marc makes a motion that we present a bid to acquire the Canon Rose Acoustic Society, to acquire their list of equipment, that their existing account balance is transferred to the Rialto for the exclusive purpose of hiring live music and holding live events as the Rialto Rose Acoustic Society. Deb seconds the motion. All in favor, motion passed.
Marc will call Misty Dawn and ask her to call a meeting with the current BOD of the Canon Rose Acoustic Society.

Approval of Minutes: August 23, 2022 – Ron made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Marc, all in favor, motion passed.

Board President Remarks –

We have a lot to cover. If we don’t have updates let’s just skip it for tonight. Martie’s discussion of grants is moved to the end of the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Sent August financials 9/3/22 – no questions. Ron asked about the profit/loss for Westrock.

Archives – Martie

We have archives upstairs. Martie would like to talk about what to do with that stuff before any renovation work starts.



Westrock Concert – Sept 24 (Ron and Marc)
Band is $300 and they will play the same songs as last time. We have flyers and tickets and FB post. The contract is signed. Florence/Eastern Fremont County Rotary will sponsor Westrock and The Apache Creek Fiddlers (about 650). Brandon Angel with KW Realty will also sponsor Westrock. We got 525 sponsorship money for Westrock.
We had talked about giving tickets to the city. They cannot accept them to insurance and political concerns. Ron will give comp tickets to Johnny and TJ to give away at the Bell Tower Open Mic Night. Ron did a budget sheet based on 75 tickets. He estimates $1087 net profits. Westrock wants to come in at 4pm. Marc will make sure they get in.

October -> December

Wedding Reception Rental – Coyote Ridge – October 1 (Ron & Carolyn)
Carolyn met with the florist, bride, and event planner. They will need to do their own setup from 12-4. The wedding is at 4pm, reception is 5:30, they have the place until 10pm but the bar closes at 8:30. This gives them time to clean up. Marc, Carolyn, Deb, and Sue will be here. Carolyn and Marc discussed the drink options and will make the appropriate purchases.

We discussed the possibility of purchasing a new cooler. Marc mentioned that the KOA has closed and they are selling all their commercial equipment including commercial coolers. Sue offered to attend the auction. There is no way to know if their coolers even work since they’ve been closed for awhile.

Apache Creek Fiddlers – October 8 (Ron)
Confirmed today they are open on 10/8. They are a 5-piece family group. They have a photo that they use for posters and flyers. Ron will send it to Deb. They are becoming more well known in Fremont County. They were at a Starpoint event and were really good. We don’t need a sound system, the acoustics at the Rialto are good enough. They charge $300 for 2 hours, plus $50 for each additional hour. We felt 2 hours would be enough, 7pm-9pm. Ron would like to purchase advertising. We just haven’t seen ROI on that in the past.

Sons and Brothers – (Ray)
Ray wasn’t here to discuss.

Witness and the Judge – Dec 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 (Ray)
Ray wasn’t here to discuss. If we are going to do this, we NEED A CONTRACT ASAP.

Costume Party
Sue wants to do a Costume/Concert in October for Halloween. 3 prizes, judged costume contest. Live music to dance. Cheese/fruit trays. It could be a concert or come and go type event. Get a band or turn the stage over to several performers. October 29th is the Saturday before. Marc has a 2000 watt speaker system to pipe in music. We could give prizes for best costume. Sue suggested we charge $20 person, $30 couple tickets. Give nibbles, sell alcohol. Marc suggested a wristband for $5 and a food truck. We could have crowd judging by decibel reading or bucket of money as votes.
Ron makes a motion that we do a costume party on 29th. Martie 2nd motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Christmas schedule – Madrigals (Marc)
No update

Bill Emery – December 18 (Ron)
Bill Emery is available December 18th. He wants to bring 7-piece band. Cost would be $695. We would do this Sunday afternoon.

Christmas Dance Recital – December 17 (Sue)
No update on this. Sue will contact them.

Santa Give Away?
Veronica from the SOCO pageant wanted to do this. Ron mentioned that we wanted to do a Xmas program. She would contact chamber to see what they were doing. No update.

Fremont County Films – (Ron)
Steve Kurtz is no longer with Breck film festival. He is willing to organize a Fremont County film festival.

Old Business –

Board Opening – no potential candidates.

By Laws Committee (Marc, Ray and Martie) –
We will discuss this at the next meeting. Marc will send them out.

At the last meeting we approved $1500 for Taylor Mechanical to inspect and service all HVAC units. Did they come inspect units?
Ron hasn’t contacted them. He will do that this week.

Cooler –
The cooler was about 45 degrees at the start of the meeting. That really isn’t cool enough. We need a new one. No further action was taken at this meeting.

Sprinkler System Repairs –
Not completed yet. Ron contacted them over the weekend to get back on their schedule.

Projects for $35,000 grant –
The balance will be used for matching OEDIT grant ($27,100).
Spent to date – $7900: $3750 for the architect and $4150 for sprinkler system repairs/inspections

Sound and Lighting Reconfiguration – (Ron)
Marc will contact Charlette, she has lighting equipment that she is willing to donate. Marc also has a contact that would donate LED lighting.
Sue makes a motion that Marc be allowed to get a donation for LED lights. Marc 2nd the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

New Business Items

Meeting with FCT – Sue & Carolyn
Sue, Carolyn, and Deb met with Mandy but we haven’t heard back from her. We discussed the possibility of doing future partnerships with FCT. Mandy wanted to go back to her board to discuss a proposal. Sue wants some of the props that are still in the old FCT building.

TIPS training (Carolyn)
Ron and Deb have taken it. Carolyn and Sue are going thru it. Marc will take it.
Marc makes a motion that TIPS training for board members will be reimbursed. Ron 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.


OEDIT Grant (This was moved to end of meeting)
We did meet all the most recent goals of OEDIT grant application so that it could go to the review board. We did it really fast, but they won’t review it until they have enough applications, but we are at the top of the list. This review board did meet and Martie got an email last week that said “Congratulations all your hard work has paid off and the review board has approved you for $700k. And the next step is… your whole packet of information will go to the reviewer with the Colorado Developer Impact agency to make sure you have everything you need”. We got preliminary drawings from Limon Architecture.

Marc asked if we need to match dollar for dollar, and we can use tax credits, historic credits, Gates grant, in-kind match. Martie wants to apply to the state historic fund for additional funding. The state historic fund deadline is Oct 1. They would put a covenant on the building for a certain number of years. The Florence Senior Center got a 30 year covenant for their upgrades. Marc thinks the covenant would be a good thing to rein in possible future boards. Florence still has COVID money that we might be able to get.
Martie makes a motion that we approve applying to the state historic board for the money that we need to complete the renovation, knowing that we will have a covenant on the building. Marc 2nd the motion. All approved, motion passed.

Martie has put so much work into this. Carolyn has put budget and numbers in place. Carolyn sees the review as a kind of audit. After we get the award, then we get a general contractor who will work with the architect and determine what we want done. The general contractor will then solicit bids and come up with final costs. The costs are presented and you move forward from there.
Marc makes a motion that Carolyn be given authority to start searching for a contractor. Deb 2nd the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

Martie may also need to look for grant money to cover our operating expenses while we are closed for construction.

Strategic Planning Ideas

Rialto as a community partner – how to repair relationships in community? THIS IS HAPPENING EACH MONTH DUE TO WORK OF ALL THE BOARD MEMBERS! GOOD JOB!!
Friends of the Rialto – can we revive this program?
Red Brick Players – how do we get this started again? Or do we?
Volunteers – need more volunteers! FRAN HAS PROPOSAL FOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
Rialto as an event center for the community THIS IS HAPPENING MORE EACH MONTH!
Partnerships with Harvest Players and FCT. Important to the Rialto! SUE AND CAROLYN MET WITH FCT
Organize office and files.
Written policies and procedures.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – September 27 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 8:18 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary