Call to Order – FACT Board of Directors, September 27, 2022 – 6:01 PM
Roll Call – Carolyn Solseth, Marc Baluch, Debbie Morton, Sue Haws, Ron Hinkle, Martie LaCasse, Ray Linebaugh

Absent – Larry Baker,

Guests – Fran – Community Liaison, Johnny Macias

Approval of Minutes: Sept 13, 2022 – Marc made a motion to accept the minutes, Second – Sue, all in favor, motion passed.

Board President Remarks –

Carolyn has stuff she wants to talk about from her meetings in the last few days but she wants to wait for Ray to arrive.

Treasurer’s Report – Carolyn

Carolyn handed out profit/loss statements on both Westrock concerts. Everyone had a great time at both concerts. 7 comp tickets were used from the Bell Tower, Johnny handed out 14. A total of 14 comp tickets were used.


Martie doesn’t have much to say. We are still waiting for the final approval. We got the recommendation from the Review Board for the 700k, but it needed to go thru another Audit/Review. The Review Board meets in October. We don’t know specifically when.

Additional Grants Needed
Martie has started the process to apply for the State Historical Fund, and she’s spoken with someone there on the strategy. Is it smart to ask them for $ to go along with this huge hunk of money, or should we have a small strategic project for them to support? Martie is going to ask for fly tower restoration, curtain, painting, and other specific historic aspects of the Rialto. The 180k for that wouldn’t have to come out of the OEDIT grant. The State Historic Fund deadline is Monday at noon on Oct 3rd. We will also need some additional money for when we have to shut down for the renovation. Martie sent a letter to the city asking for support, and we were on the agenda last Monday and talked to them about it. Not sure if it looks promising. Martie will be looking at other places for operating money.

Martie has wanted to talk to Ron about the archive upstairs. Martie wants to get up there and look thru the archive with Ron’s assistance. Martie doesn’t want to move those things out of the building until we can assess them, even if we start construction. Sylvia Andrews could help with this. She worked with Martie on the Archive BOD, she was the state librarian for Indiana. Missi has also spent time looking thru dusty records at the museum.

Ron asked if any exterior items were included in the grant request. Martie says no.

Ray arrived at this time.

Board President Remarks (continued) –

Regarding the grant and construction project. We DO NOT have any grant money at this time. We hope to know next month. Carolyn met with Lester Limon (architect) and Keith Wyley (tax credit expert).

Carolyn met with Lester mostly to understand the timeframe for drawing, permits, and construction. Once we get approval of the grant, it takes Lester 8-12 weeks to get final plans together. It will also require more money for those drawings, and to get the plans to the point that scope of work is ready to put out for bid to general contractors. Then we have a minimum of 4-8 weeks for bids. Then we need building permits, etc. Lester guesses the quickest we will start work is Spring. Carolyn told Lester that we want to have a big party in Sept for our 100yr. Lester is suggesting we do the lower level first, then have a “hard-hat” party so people can see what we have done. After that, we would start on the upstairs. All cost numbers are just guesses at this point. Maybe in a year we might have part of this done.
Carolyn talked to Keith about the tax credits, Federal, State, and Solar credits. She told the board what we could reasonably expect.

A discussion was held about the process and fees required for the tax credits and overall expectations of what will be happening in the next few months.

Sue expressed appreciation to Martie & Carolyn for their work and she’s optimistic that we will be able to move forward with finally getting the theater renovated and restored for the next 100 years.

Ron reminded us that the mission of F.A.C.T. is to restore the Rialto Theater.



Wedding Reception Rental – Coyote Ridge – October 1 (Ron & Carolyn)
Wedding is this Saturday Oct 1. Marc has bought the alcohol. The bar opens at 4:30. We need to be here by 4:00pm. Carolyn will be here at noon. Marc, Missi, Sue, Carolyn, Martie, and Fran can work. They have a DJ. Ron can update the marquee to congratulate the couple on Friday night. Carolyn thinks the event planner will have staff to help with setup.

Apache Creek Fiddlers – October 8 (Ron)
They are on for Oct 8. They were on KRLN morning line this morning. It was a good half hour program. It is a good family-oriented group. Ron has high/low estimate for the event. Ron has handed out the flyers. Tickets have been distributed. We already have ticket sales online. We will need 3 people in concessions. They may need lighting support, Johnny can be here for lights. They load in at 5pm, the show starts at 7pm. Ron brought them to the theater. Apache Creek had some ideas on how to use the theater to improve the show. They are going to bring sound in, very low, not much volume. They have some singing accompaniment and will need the extra sound. This will bring the price up from $300 to $400. Ron would request from the board that we can comp them a meal at Oak Creek. Ron requests $100 for the meal from board. Ron thinks we could likely get 100 people. Johnny is going to talk to the Bell Tower folks to see if he can advertise the show at the Bell Tower. Johnny still wants to see more coordination between Bell Tower & Rialto. Expected between $671 and $1771 total profit (not including $100 for food).

Marc wants to add an event on Oct 22nd
Adam Ashley. Singer/songwriter for a $200 fee. Discussion was held about what other events might be happening. Boo at the bridge, and a Bell Tower event are listed. Ron asked for a budget sheet.
Deb makes a motion that we approve Marc’s event, Ron 2nd the motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Halloween/Costume Party
Cancelled due to conflict with Brewery.

Sons and Brothers – (Ray)
They are in Argentina. No updates.

Witness and the Judge – Dec 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 (Ray)
Ray brought 1 copy of a contract for us to review. Carolyn briefly looked it over. Carolyn will scan it and email it and we can discuss it on the FB group. The only change is that we are going to sell tickets instead of taking donations. Ray needs 4 songs that we can license thru BMI. Ray thinks we need to call ahead for music that is used in a production. Marc will ask Jennifer for guidance. Ray provided Marc with the list of songs. Marc will make sure we have license.
Carolyn commented on the contract that we won’t be able to provide a new curtain. Ray agrees that we can rework the existing curtain to make it work. Carolyn needs to know what camera to buy for the CCTV system for the green room. Discussion was held about the type of lights that Ray would need. We don’t have the money to buy new lights and those are included in our grants. Ray says the existing lights have bulbs out, we can use the existing lights if we can get bulbs replaced. Ray needs sound for music and sound effects. Ray would like to have shotgun mikes. We may need to rent some of this. Carolyn pointed out that we won’t make any money if we have to pay for a lot of additional stuff. Tickets will be $10 for 12+. Kids <12 will be $5. All checks will go thru the Rialto. Sue asked Ray if FCT has anything we can use. Johnny and Marc will work with Ray on the existing sound and lighting system. We just can’t purchase anything new at this time due to the pending grants. Ray agrees that we can use what we’ve got as long as we can get the lighting resolved. Christmas schedule – Madrigals (Marc)
No update. Marc will try to contact them again.

Bill Emery – December 18 (Ron)
Bill wants to bring 7 people for $695. This would be Sunday afternoon Dec 18th. Carolyn expressed that she is reluctant at the price because we probably won’t make money.
Sue makes a motion that we approve Bill Emery for Dec 18. Deb 2nd the motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Santa Give Away
Veronica from the pageant still wants to do a toy give-away and she doesn’t mind doing it in conjunction with another event, either the Dance Recital or Bill Emery. A discussion was held about various holiday events and the tree lighting.

Christmas Dance Recital – December 17 (Sue)
Sue is working with Trevanni on a dance recital. She wanted to know if we do a story-type dance like the Nutcracker or several dance acts. She has a story but is having trouble making it long enough. Sue also thought about just doing several vignettes of dancers. Deb thought that would be a good idea to have several dance acts. We discussed the stage addition that would be added for Witness&Judge and if we should leave it in place for the dance recital. Ray will make sure it is strong enough and level with the existing stage. Trevanni won’t be charging us for this. We would charge $10 admission. We will go with the vignettes.

Fremont County Films – (Ron)
No update

What Else??

Fundraising Update (Marc) –

No Update

Old Business –

Board Opening – Adding Honorary Board Members?
It doesn’t need to be in the bylaws. We need a process how to choose them.

By Laws Committee (Marc, Ray and Martie) –
Marc will send them out via email. Deb suggested we send the document via email, and hold the discussions on FB.

Taylor Mechanical will be at 8am next Tuesday. Levi says if we could mop the sealer on the roof it would be good. The leaks in the ceiling are from the HVAC units. Each HVAC system has a p-trap that is full of water, they aren’t venting and overflowing the tray and staining the ceiling. Levi said he could clean out the p-traps for $100. We still need Taylor Mechanical to inspect the units. Marc asked if we can contract with Taylor Mechanical to provide support and cleaning.

Cooler –
Can someone research purchase of a new/used cooler?
Lester’s friend at Gold Medal sells new and used restaurant/concession equipment. Sue will take the action to locate a cooler for us.

Sprinkler System Repairs –
Western States Fire suppression is coming 14th Oct to repair system.

Projects for $35,000 Grant –
The balance will be used for matching OEDIT grant ($27,100).
Spent to date – $7900: $3750 for the architect and $4150 for sprinkler system repairs/inspections

Sound and Lighting Reconfiguration by Charlette – (Ron)
Has cable been finished yet? When will she upgrade the sound and lighting?
Already discussed. Nothing will be done with cable until we renovate. Deb expressed concern that it is on the floor and is a trip hazard. It was agreed that we could at least get it off the floor.

Showing of Fremont County Films, Silent Films – (Ron)
Screen and projector (NO UPDATES)

Canon Rose Acoustic –
No longer an option, they sold assets and donated money to a foundation. We should at some point pick it up as Rialto Rose Acoustic. Johnny & Marc need to go to the Black Rose and see if we can pick up some of the travelling artists that play there. We can call it the Rialto Rose Acoustic series.

New Business Items

TIPS training (Carolyn)
Please get the training done.

Letter from City of Florence
We need to test the backflow system by 10/15/22. Ron will see if the sprinkler inspection did the backflow test.

Roofing/HVAC inspection – 9/27/22
It was not done today due to a scheduling mix-up. Levi said the roof looks really good. He thinks it needs to have a layer of seal coat mopped on it. The roof is from early 2000. It is a rolled roofing and has a shorter life expectancy. A new roof is in the renovation plan.

Halloween Candy Giveaway – 10/31/22
Need volunteers and candy. We are participating in the Main Street Trick-or-Treat, which was approved at the last City Council meeting. Sue will get some candy. Everybody should bring a bag or 2 of candy to the next meeting.

Misc from Sue
Sue is looking for a dresser. There might be one at the senior center. Sue will have to come to coffee on Wednesday to see it. Sue is excited about what she’s doing upstairs. Ann is helping Sue. The unused paint can be recycled if it is latex and dry.

Strategic Planning Ideas

Rialto as a community partner – how to repair relationships in community? THIS IS HAPPENING EACH MONTH DUE TO WORK OF ALL THE BOARD MEMBERS! GOOD JOB!!
Friends of the Rialto – can we revive this program?
Red Brick Players – how do we get this started again? Or do we?
Volunteers – need more volunteers! FRAN AND SUE NOW RUN THE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
Rialto as an event center for the community THIS IS HAPPENING MORE EACH MONTH!
Partnerships with Harvest Players and FCT. Important to the Rialto! SUE AND CAROLYN MET WITH FCT
Organize office and files.
Written policies and procedures.

No additional business items to discuss.

Next Board Meeting Date – October 11 – 6pm
Meeting Adjourned – 7:46 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Deborah Morton, Secretary