The Rialto Theater Red Brick Players Present


“Belle of the Ball
Mother Claims the Lode”


Written By: Craig Sodaro
Directed By: Jerry RunnerSmith


The fairy tales of Cinderella and Snow White are lassoed together in this high-kicking western melodrama! Goldie Miner had to give up her infant daughter, Ashabelle, 18 years ago to eke out a living panning for gold, but she thought she left her with a good family. Now she’s returned with plenty of gold for her daughter but finds Ashabelle wears patched clothes and does all the stepfamily’s chores. When Ashabelle isn’t allowed to go to the ball, her mother fixes her right up, including a pair of new boots. The next morning Earnest Lee Feelgoode finds the belle of the ball he fell in love with, but before they can be wed, Black Jack Ketchum gives Ashabelle a poisoned apple so he can get her gold. But as in all melodramas, good wins out over evil and after a romp through the audience, there’s a happy, fairy tale ending.

Cast in Order of Appearance

Sign Girl (Announces scene changes and carries out all sound effects) – Dawn Birge
Sluice Foot Sue (An ex-dance hall queen and present villainess) – Heather Cobler
Black Jack Ketchum (The notorious highwayman) – Kevin Tusa
Goldie Miner (A prospector from the hills) – Evelyn Hurley
Auntie Lope (A prim and proper wife) – Marcy Del Castillo
Candy Lope (Her elder daughter) – Emma Grantham
Ellie Lope (Her younger daughter) – Savannah Cobler
Jackie Lope (Her young son, the hunter) – Mason Cobler
Ashabelle Pitts (Their poor servant girl) – Bronwyn Henry
Corporal Earnest Lee Feelgoode (A part-time hero) – Duane Shoaf
Hannah The Wonder Dog – Herself


Director – Jerry RunnerSmith
Assistant Director/ Props/Costumes – Sue Haws
Stage Crew – Sue Haws, Mandy Brown, Cora Stevens
Sound – Jerry RunnerSmith
Lights – Tay Jeffords
Program – Debbie Morton

Sponsored By:

Brendan Pardue
Holt Family Florence Historic Funeral Home
Colorado Lifestyle Property & Auction

Produced by special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company.