Board of Directors

Rialto Theater 209 W Main St

F.A.C.T. = Florence Architectural and Cultural Tradition

Historic Rialto Theater Board of Directors:


Rich Burleson – President, Board of Directors and Events Committee, 719.784.6903 or 719.429.2425

Larry Baker – Vice President, Vice President, Chairman of the Projects Committee, Building Manager, 303.887.5569

Marty Burleson – Secretary, Board of Directors, Grants/Fundraising Committee, 719.784.6903 or 719.431.2330

Kathy Seidling –  Treasurer, Board of Directors, 719.429.1430

Donna Murphy – Board of Directors, Archives Committee and Rialto Historian, 719.431.3854

Ken Trusty – Board of Directors, Projects Committee, Events, 719.246.7364

RC Wilkins – Board of Directors, Events Committee, Rialto Players President, Theatre Education Director. 719.369.0977


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