Historic Rialto Theater

209 W. Main St
Florence, CO 81226

Historic Rialto Theater Rising in 2018

Rialto Rising 2018

Your help is needed to support the Rialto Theater. Please donate generously.

Historic Rialto Theater Box Office is complete

Rialto Box Office Complete

The Rialto is Rising once again.

Historic Rialto Theater Box Office is complete

Concession Area Renovation

The Concession Area Got A Make-Over

Historic Rialto Theater Box Office is complete

"Sons and Brothers" & "The Atomic Fireballs"

Fred Wolking Memorial Concert benefiting Sangre de Christo Hospice

“Vintage Hitchcock a live Radio Play” by Joe Landry opens November 9th at The Historic Rialto Theater.

Come see the Rialto Rising to its former glory

Thanks to the generosity of the community and the perseverance of the Rialto F.A.C.T organization, the Rialto is open for business. Enjoy one of the concerts, plays, or other events being performed in the partially-renovated theater. See how far we’ve come, and make a contribution to help us make it to the finish line.

“Sons and Brothers” and “The Atomic Fireballs” in concert

The "Sons and Brothers" and "The Atomic Fireballs" performed to a sold-out crowd at the Rialto Theater on Saturday Oct 20th, 2018. This concert was in memory of Fred Wolking. The proceeds benefitted Sangre de Christo Hospice....

“The Savannah Sipping Society” Opens at the Rialto

By Paula Svincek The Florence Citizen The Rialto Theater continued it’s 2018 Season with the opening of “The Savannah Sipping Society,” the latest play written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, the...

“The Valedictorian and the Sorcerer” Opens At The Rialto

This musical is written and directed by guest director Tom Bruno. The Valedictorian and the Sorcerer is a Broadway-style musical about a brilliant young lady named Mashie who goes out to change the world. Naive but sincere, she has great success with her fellow...

Watch the “Back to the Past” Fundraiser Video

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