The Rialto Theater hosted a Children’s Theater Program July 24-Aug 4. This talented class of budding thespians presented “Stone Soup” and a talent showcase as the capstone of this experience on Aug 5 @ 2pm.

“Stone Soup” is a beloved folktale often credited as European, but is also thought to have originated in the Far East.
A sad and shattered town is visited by strangers, who seem to want the small amount of food there… or do they want to give the town’s people a gift?

Cast of “Stone Soup”
First Narrator – Lily Moline
Second Narrator – Titus Bartholomew
Travelers – Lily Moline, Rhema Bartholomew, Streysa Bartholomew
People of the Village – Cora Stevens, Khloe Miller, Nitalya Bartholomew, Titus Bartholomew, Naven Goode,Calvin Stoner

Directed – Sharon Whelan
Assisted – Arah Rossi & Sue Haws
Set Design & Props – Sharon Whelan & the Cast
Wardrobe – Sue Haws, with volunteer parents
Pianist – Jay Flynt
Lights – Warren Combee

Talent Showcase

“The Dark Forest”
A monologue written and performed by Cora Stevens

“Walk of T-Rex and Monster”
Naven Goode & Calvin Stoner

“Lyrical Improv Dancy”
Rhema Bartholomew to “Ashes” by Celine Dionne

“I Don’t Like Chocolate”
A monologue by Nitalya Bartholomew

“Chinese Yoyo”
A demonstration and show by Titus Bartholomew

“Jitterbug Student Dance”
To the music of “Wake Me Up”
Choreographed by Arah Rossi
Directed by Arah & Trevani Rossi

This is the first Children’s program the Rialto has run since the shutdown during the pandemic. We were forced to start from scratch with this program and have learned a lot that we hope to apply in planning for next year in order to improve on the experience.

This program and event sponsored by the Board of Directors of the Historic Rialto Theater, a 501(c)3 corporation, and owners of the Rialto Theater.

Thank you to Sharon Whelan for h er weeks of preparation and work. Thanks to our supportive parents and the hard-working kids who participated. Special thank you to Kathy Herrin, Fran Black, and Jay Flint for sharing with our students, and a special thank you to Trevarah Studios of Canon City for sharing their skills and positive energy.
— Martie LaCasse & Sue Haws