Frequently Asked Questions

I bought tickets online, now what?
Tickets purchased online will be available in the box office before the show. You do not need to print out any paperwork, just give your name to the box office attendant.
I would like to purchase tickets online but don't use PayPal. How can I pay for tickets?
Contact Us via email and we will figure out the best way to pay. We can take credit card info over the phone, or you can pay for your tickets at the box office when you pick them up. We will only hold unpaid tickets if you contact us in advance.
What is the age range for a Child/Student ticket?
Child/Student tickets are for young people aged 5-18. Children under 5 are free.
Do you have assigned seating?
Our seating is first-come, first-serve. Come early for a good seat. The doors open at least 30 minutes before each performance.
I use a wheelchair or walker. Can you accommodate those?
Our chairs are movable, so it is very easy to make space for a wheelchair or walker. If you need any other accommodation, such as a nearby electrical outlet, please contact us via email in advance so we can be ready for you.
There were no tickets at the ticket outlets. Does this mean you are sold out?
The short answer is “no”. We have tickets available at Big D’s Superfoods and City Market for your convenience, but we always keep tickets to sell in the box office before the show. We pick up the unsold tickets from our outlets on the morning of the show, so the best place to get tickets on the day of the show is at the box office starting about 1 hour before the show starts.

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