November 2017

Open Auditions for Exit Laughing

Disco Dance Boogie Machine

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Pioneer Days ad

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August and September 2017

Ghost in the Political Machine Melodrama

Dinner Theater performances at the Rialto Theater, Florence, Aug 24 – 26 and Sep 1 – 3.  Tickets were $22 per person and show-only tickets $10.   Play written by Tom Bruno, owner of Papa’s! Restaurant.

Opening Night Smashing Success!!!  The theater doors opened at 5:30 pm (Friday and Saturday) and 4:30 pm (Sunday) and auditorium curtains opened 10 minutes before dinner. The melodrama lasted about an hour and refreshments (beer, wine, soda and concessions) were available until curtain.

Opening Night and the next two performances averaged 70-75 attendees!  Audience comments: “Best Show ever!”, “Great show!”, “Talented cast, crew and producer!”, and “When is the next show?”

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4th of July, 2017
Wet/Dry Parade Creativity

Ken Trusty, board member, designed, engineered and drove this one-of-a-kind parade entry in the Florence 4th of July Wet/Dry Parade.  Great job Ken!!

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The popular Rialto T-shirt can be seen all around the country! Marty Burleson proudly wears hers at Niagara Falls. Rialto Tees are available to purchase ($10) and can be ordered by calling Todd Williams, 719-269-0678.

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May 2017

Tell all your friends and neighbors…mention Rialto at Chili’s every Monday in May all day long and 10% of your entire check will be “paid back” to the Rialto!

April 7, 2017

The Florence Kickoff for Pinwheels for Prevention was held in front of the Rialto with community and Rialto Board members present. Ken Trusty, Rialto Board Member surprised the gathering with his giant pinwheel, reported to be the largest in the state!

Rialto supports Pinwheels for Prevention of Child Abuse with the Florence Kickoff Ceremony on April 7, at 5:30 pm.

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March 22, 2017

Vice President Todd Williams, receives a certificate of appreciation for his Rialto Update presentation from Shirley Baney, President of the Canon City Rotary Club.  Great job Todd!

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February 4, 2017
Inaugural State of the City Presentation and Breakfast

An estimated 65 residents attended the Inaugural State of the City (Florence) presentation and breakfast this morning at the Rialto. Mayor Keith Ore and City Manager Mike Patterson gave a past, current and future outlook of the city. Claire Willows entertained the audience on guitar and keyboard upon when they arrived and during breakfast.

Inaugural State of the City Presentation

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January 2017

A Bad Year for Tomatoes Playbill

“A Bad Year For Tomatoes” Production is a Great Success!!

The Cast for A Bad Year For Tomatoes Production

“A Bad Year For Tomatoes” Wins Awards

The Cast of a Bad Year For Tomatoes

“A Bad Year for Tomatoes” wins many FCT awards at the recent annual awards ceremony, including Best Show. Thanks folks for your support of the Rialto Rising – 2017! Break a leg at the competition in Salida next week and bring home more hardware!

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Florence High School Grad., Tereese Filos, is showing support from her home in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Rialto Board Member Donna Murphy recently made a $1,000 donation to the Rialto Theater Renovation Project.  Donna volunteered at the Rialto for many years when Suzanne Phipps was the project manager and retains a lot of corporate knowledge about the previous renovation efforts.  When a new board was formed after the death of Suzanne in December of 2014, Donna was recruited by previous board President Dick Baker.  Donna commented, “I have type A Rialto blood in my veins and I am very excited with the direction of this new board and everything that Suzanne accomplished.” Ron Hinkle, Board President accepted the check with a smile and commented, “This is the Fremont County grass level support that’s needed to complete the renovation and open the doors permanently.”

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Larry & Beryl Baker proudly display the “Big Check” which they presented to the Rialto Theater.  The couple pledged $50,000 to the renovation effort if the Board would match the pledge by the end of 2016. The match was made and the Bakers made the final payment at the Rialto Annual Meeting and Dinner on St. Patrick’s Day.  A huge shout out to Larry and Beryl for their continued financial and in-kind support!

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Check Out The New Neon Marquee!

Rialto Theather Marquee in Neon Lights

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November 2016


Florence High School Grad., Elliott Ham, is back in town for a personal tour of the Rialto Theater.

Rialto board members and families at the "Kill the Keg" Fund Raiser.

Rialto board members and families at the “Kill the Keg” Fund Raiser at Florence Brewing Company.


Reel Rialto Craft Brew

A Rialto fundraiser never tasted so good as a hand-crafted seasonal brew, called the Reel Rialto.
Hans Praul, owner of the Florence Brewing Company created the brew and you can find it on tap at the Brewery with a % of the proceeds going to the renovation efforts. Stop by and give it a try! Support your Rialto Theater in Florence!


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Halloween 2016


Larry Baker, Rich Burleson, Beryl Baker and Donna Murphy admiring the various Halloween costumes.


Board members, Marty Burleson, Ken Trusty, and volunteer, Jaden Williams hand out candy on Halloween.


Trick or Treaters hanging out at the Rialto Theater on Halloween. Alien craft built by board member, Ken Trusty.

Rich Burleson

Rich Burleson, is our number 1 volunteer!

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October 2016
The Rialto Board Joins the City in Welcoming Everyone Associated

with the Filming of “Our Souls At Night”!



Mock Rialto Theater front for the movie “Our Souls At Night”

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Oct. 12, 2016

Rialto Theater welcomes Downtown Co Inc

The Rialto Board of Directors received the 2016 Governor’s Award for downtown excellence. Downtown Colorado, Inc. recently presented the Colorful Colorado Award for creative fundraising to Larry Baker, Project Committee Chairperson. During the past year the Rialto Board created many unique ways of fundraising to assist with the theater renovations. Included were internet campaigns, sitting on the marquee for three days, to collecting spare change in a 6-foot tube in front of the Rialto during the 99 Dog Days of Summer.

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Sept. 28-29, 2016

Looking for local talent…The Fremont Civic Theatre will hold auditions at the Rialto on Wednesday and Thursday evening from 6-8p for performances in January. More details about the January performances later….stay tuned!


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Pioneer Day Parade — Sept. 17, 2016


New Board member, Ken Trusty at the wheels of his restored Willy’s while President Ron Hinkle drives the Spare Change tube in the Rialto’s entry in the Florence Pioneer Day Parade. Vice President Todd Williams snapped the photo and walk the parade route as well. Thanks to Treasurer Nancy Fenyes for the late night banners that hung on either side. Remember When silent movies were shown at the Rialto, Remember When talkies took over, Remember When the Florence Follies were on stage, Remember When the Red Brick Players were on stage and the Firemen’s Ball was held at the Rialto! Be an active partner of the Rialto Rennovation today by becoming a Friend of the Rialto or make a monetary contribution.
Absolutely the last chance to drop your spare change in the yellow tube as we will wheel the tube to the bank on Monday at 12 noon!

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Summer 2016
Brent Rupard, Singer/Songwiter, and Anthony Olympia Visit 

Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard
Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard, singer/songwriter from Nashville, stop to tour the Rialto Theater.

Vice president Todd Williams had the pleasure to give Brent Rupard, singer/songwriter from Nashville TN,  and Anthony Olympia a personal tour of the Rialto Theater.  Brent and Anthony were in town to join the Mark Chestnutt concert at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park for the park after dark concert series.  After a spur of the moment decision, the duo grabbed their guitars and sang us a song!  What a treat for the folks currently touring the theater.  You just never know what can happen, at any moment, at the Rialto Theater.

Anthony Olympia and Brent Rupard play a guitar song will visiting the Rialto Theater.

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May 28 – Sept. 19, 2016

It Makes Cents -- Rialto Fund Raiser on Marque

Rialto Theater Marquee

Todd Williams, Board Vice-President inserts coins into the spare change tube he designed and built for the Rialto “It Just Makes Good Cents” campaign. Project Officer, Larry Baker, and Marty Burleson, Secretary, look on. If a litre full of dimes equals $500 how much money will the 6 ‘ 6″ in diameter PVC tube hold? It’s part of a Rialto Fundaising 99-day Dog Days of Summer campaign which runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Support the Rialto with your spare change!

Rialto Theater's "It Makes Cents to Donate" Campaign pic

From left to right, Todd Williams, Larry Baker, and Marty Burleson

Tom Osowicki and Todd Williams

Even the Florence High School Class of 1986 came home to donate to their Historic Rialto Theater! Todd Williams and Tom Osowicki. ~ Photo by Amber Bateman


Child making a donation

People enjoying the Ring Toss at the 4th of July Celebration

People enjoying the Ring Toss at the 4th of July Celebration

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Free Tours at the Rialto Theater on Saturdays from 11am to 2pm

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May Day Fundraiser pic

Mayday fundraiser a success pic

April 8, 2016, the “Marquee Sitting Campaign”

Rialto Theater at night

 City Manager, Mike Patterson, in both the picture above and below —  April 8, 2016, the “Marquee Sitting Campaign”.

City Manager, Mike Patterson


Pres. Ron Hinkle — April 8, 2016, the “Marquee Sitting Campaign”

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Scenes from The Historic Rialto Theater Re-enactment for a three-minute film to garner funds to match the Larry and Beryl Baker up-to-$50,000 donation. March 18, 2016

Rialto Theater Re-enactment Film Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Theater Movie Scene

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Movie Premiere

Rialto Theater Re-enactment Film Scene

Maitre d' at the Rialto Theater

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Rialto Theater Advertisement

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President Ron Hinkle and KRLN's Keri Jacobs preparing to go live on "Morning Line".

President Ron Hinkle and KRLN’s Keri Jacobs preparing to go live on “Morning Line”. Vice President Todd Williams snaps a pic before he joins the interview.

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Rialto Theater Historic Entryway

Both pictures are of the Rialto Theater’s original entryway.  Notice the lovely restored detail on the ceiling. The photos are of past events at the Rialto.  November 2016



Gold Belt Tour — March 7, 2016

Christmas window at the Rialto Theater

Christmas 2015

Christmas Window at the Rialto Theater

opening night picture

Original Playbill

Rialto Theater's stone work on building front

August 2015

Rialto Theater in Florence, CO. Side view.

August 2015