Photos from the Rialto Theater’s Haunted House!!!
By Tonya Tingey and Terry Seal, Oct. 31, 2015


Haunted House at the Rialto

Haunted Staff from the Rialto Theater! Photo by Tonya Tingey

clown girl in haunted house

Photo by Terry Steven Seal

family enjoying the haunted house

A family enjoying the Rialto Theater’s Haunted House! Photo by Tonya Tingey

The guests of the Historic Rialto’s Haunted House were of various ages but all would agree that this was a fun and scary haunted house designed by Lindsey Hickle.  Her husband, Ron, and Terry Seal helped with the creation too, as well as many others.  Thank you to all those who helped to create and run the haunted house as well as the over 850 guests who attended this successful fund raiser.  We were told by many people that this was their favorite haunted house in the area.  We were glad to hear this and hope that you all come back again next year!

Gatekeeper Tonya Tingey and son, Alex

Gatekeeper, Tonya Tingey, and son, Alex

Kids at a haunted house

Alex and Kailee

haunted clown

Creator, Lindsey Hinkle

haunted clown

I dare you to mess with me!

father and daughter at haunted house

Maycee loved the haunted house!

having fun at the haunted house

Terry Seal

creepy father and daughter at haunted house

Creepy father and son at the haunted house!